Honest Tea Organic Passion Fruit Green Tea Drink


Since October is a national breast cancer awareness month, Honest Tea has partnered with Susan G. Komen to help raise the breast cancer awareness by repackaging their drinks outfit with Cure® pink labels and caps. Not only they are changing their labels and caps, Honest Tea is donating $100,000 this year to the charity to help fight against breast cancer. This healthy drink Zero calorie Passion Fruit Green Tea with Maqui Berry is a blend of organic green tea with organic Stevia that infuses the sweet and tart notes of passion fruit with Maqui berry.

Honest Tea Passion Fruit Green Tea

Upon busting the pink cap, there’s a refreshing berry aroma coming out from the bottle and the color of this healthy drink is close to cranberry. As for the texture, it is smooth and clean with exception of small green tea leaves at the bottom of the drink. The first couple sips tasted bland, but as you drink more, the so called naturally sweetened taste starts to add up in your mouth with other flavors. However, the sweetness wasn’t heavy at all and the passion fruit flavor was quite well balanced with the berry flavor. As for the green tea, there’s no sign of any taste or feeling what so ever. The drink itself was very easy to drink, smooth and refreshing. The aftertaste wasn’t that awful either.  Here

The ingredients that made this healthy beverage are: Purified water, organic green tea, natural passion fruit flavor, natural purple potato juice, organic lemon extract, organic passion fruit juice concentrate, organic maqui berry concentrate, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic Stevia extract and citric acid.  It contains less than 1% juice. If you are concerned about calories, this Honest Tea has ZERO calories. According to Honest Tea, “We infuse refreshing antioxidant-rich green tea with organic stevia, a south American leafy plant that provides natural zero calorie sweetness. Then we add a splash of tangy passion fruit and exotic maqui berries to create a light, uplifting drink.”

I like this healthy organic passion fruit green tea drink from Honest Tea. If you do not like drinking  healthy beverage, you should just try this one to support for the breast cancer awareness. For this month, the whole NFL league from coaches and players are supporting the breast cancer awareness.


Price:  $2.00

Size:  16.9 FL/ 500 ML

Flavor:  lightly sweetened berry

Aroma: Maqui Berry Tea

Calories:  0

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  Honest Tea Facebook Twitter

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  • Anne

    I am a big fan of passion fruit because I am growing it in my backyard. And to see passion fruit getting its own share of popularity really amazes me. It is a great juice…and it is so easy to grow.


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