Healthy Original Superfood Micronutrients Fruit Juice Drink From Odwalla


As you know, this Superfood is not new, but the flavor is quite interesting. The other day, I was searching for Odwalla Strawberry protein monster and Haiti Hope juice drinks,but no luck of finding them, then I saw the original Surperfood flavor on the shelf and I thought why not try it again since it’s been very long time since last time I try it.  Also, I couldn’t remember how it was suppose to taste like. Anyway, this fruit juice is supposed to help your body health with antioxidant vitamin c and other advance nutrients.

Upon tearing off the bottle cap, there’s a light grass kind of aroma mixed with heavy mango scent coming out from the plastic bottle and it is quite refreshing. Not sure why they made the mango scent more appealing than other fruit ingredients in this fruit juice. As for the color and the texture of this nutrition juice, it reminds me of healing herbs that people use as medicine to cure their physical injuries in Asia. When comes to the taste, the first couple sips will tell you the liquid is very thick, smooth and sweet. As you drink more, you will sense a little sour taste and the wheat grass flavor in this healthy drink. The taste is totally opposite of what you have expected after you saw the texture. After all, it goes down very smoothly and yummy. As for the aftertaste, you might want to chuck down a glass of water to water down whatever the thick liquid has left in your mouth.

There are lots of goodies in this healthy fruit juice. The fruit ingredients used for this health drink are: Apple Juice, Peach, Mango, Strawberry, and Banana. Some other ingredients worth mentioning are probably the Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, and Soy Lecithin. One thing that might concern you would be the 130 calories in this healthy drink.

This is very unique fruit juice because of all the ingredients and the taste. Not sure if this will give you all the stuff you need, but it does provide vitamin and minerals. I was a bit scared seeing this thick fungus green texture after opening the cap. Anyway, with this juice drink, you do not need to buy a fruit juicer to make juices or fruit smoothies. Also, you do not have to buy vitamin online or go to the vitamin shop to get either cheap vitamin or advance nutrient. The drink comes with healthy food vitamin and they are all natural vitamins.


Price:  3.50

Size:  15.2 Fl OZ / 450ml

Flavor:  Natural Fruit Flavor

Aroma: Lightly Sweetened Fruit flavor

Calories:  130

Where:  local Supermarket

Website: Odwalla Facebook Twitter


  • Odwalla Carrot Juice

    You have to try their carrot juice. I love carrot juice and if you can’t juice carrots yourself then the closest thing to fresh carrot jucie would be theirs. It’s amazing.



    Thanks for the suggestion and I will try it if I can find it.


  • Tom

    I am an addict of this great tasting very nutritious juice drink. Odwalla is the best in the market at the price I could not complain…


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