Healthy Organic Green Tea From Tea To You (T2U)


Found this drink in an Asian supermarket while doing grocery shopping. What attracts me was the design of the bottle because it’s simple and attractive. After doing a little bit of research, the green tea drink is actually an imported drink and it’s a product of South Korea. It’s an unsweetened tea and has zero calories in it. There are many imported healthy Tea beverages in the U.S. and this one seems to be one of the few that actually might have the potential to become an enjoyable product for everyone.


Upon busting the canned bottle cap, there’s a strong pure unsweetened green tea scent coming out from the bottle and it reminds me of the green tea that I had back in the days when I was at a Japanese Tea ceremony. Also, there’s carbonation in the drink as well, but much more less than the average soda beverages. For the first few sips, you can’t really tell if the green tea flavor is in there because it tastes like New York City tap water. However, as you drink more, you will get a sense of the green tea flavor in the drink. The flavor is totally different than those regular teas that you drink everyday and it’s very refreshing. There’s no aftertaste at all. Since the summer has just arrived and this will be a perfect fit for my summer diet.


What can you get from this healthy beverage?  Well, there are only three ingredients: Organic Green Tea Leaves, Purified Water and Vitamin C. It does not contain any artificial colors and artificial flavors. Also, there are no preservatives in the drink. Since green tea is organic and original, it has no calories. The powerful antioxidant, ECGC, in the green tea probably is the only thing that’s worth mentioning because it helps to support your immune system, cardiovascular system and maintain your blood sugar level.


I like this drink because it has no sugar in it and it just tastes great. Obviously, this is not a good choice for those who like sweet drinks. If I find another flavor T2U drink, I will let you know the taste. For those who are on diet or going to, I think this drink should be considered an alternative because it has practically nothing in it.


Price:  $1.99

Size:  16 FL OZ   470ml

Flavor:  Green Tea

Aroma:  Pure Green Tea

Nutrition:  Vitamin C and ECGC

Calories:  Zero Calories

Where:  Local Asian Supermarket

Website:  T2U, Facebook, Twitter


  • Robin Alley

    That price is pretty steep for some green tea!

    You make a great point about green tea for dieting as well. Not only is green tea calorie free and healthy, but it also slightly boosts metabolism. Now, I really mean slightly. It’s not going to melt the fat away, but losing weight is a slow process where small changes add up to big differences.

    Anyways, I’d be interested in this because I like green tea, but what’s your bottom line? Is it worth 2 bucks or should I just buy some green tea bags for a fraction of the price?




    Yea, it takes time to lose weight and you really have to committed. As for the bottom line, just buy some tea bags if they produce the same taste and benefits.


  • debbie

    Researchers have been doing studies on green tea and the potential health benefits. This tea may open a door to helping people remain healthy in the future.


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