Happy Hour iPhone Application For You To Find Cheap Booze


Tired of looking for happy hour places in your area or your current location? I found this Happy Hour App in Apple app store and it will help you to find all the available happy hour places near your current location. This app is created by Boomtown apps and it can be used on your iPod Touch and iPhone. It will cost you $1.99 to own it and they offer services in many locations in several states. As of right now, they are serving California, New York, Nevada, and Tennessee.  You can find out when they will start serving your state by visiting their website at Boomtownapps. Obviously, the main goal for this app is to help drinkers to find cheap place to buy booze. But why would the app cost that much when there are many free ones available? According to Boomtown apps, “We are going to continue to put a ton of work into it.”
Happy Hour App for iPhone iPod Touch

The app basically offers three main functions and it comes with minimalist interface style design. The first function provides a list of nearby places where they are having happy hours based on your current location detected by the app. The second function allows user to search by zip code or address and the result will give you a list of happy hour places based on that search. The third function provides a map that allows you to see where they are located and how you can get there by car. The list that generated by the app can be sorted by miles, by alphabetically order, by time, or by the price.  For each bar in the list, the app tells you whether they accept credit card or not and I think it’s very important since everyone uses credit cards.  You can also search for future date and time for happy hours and you can send suggest changes within the app if you think the current information is not up to date.

If you are a regular happy hour kind of guy, then you will know if the information provided by the app is useful or not. This app is also great for those who travels very often and loves to drink.  Also, if you think that bar you usually go to is not on the list when you do a search, then you should visit boomtown apps website and add it to their database. Maybe they should add a recommended feature based on your current location or search because it will help new visitors to the town or city to find a good place to get drinks.

Happy Hour App

Happy Hour App


Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch

Cost:  $1.99

Rating: 5/5

Download: You must be legal drinking age to download it.

Size: 1.2MB

Website: www.boomtownapps.com Twitter Facebook


  • Sam

    This app is the coolest idea ever! I only wish that it included more cities…I’m sure they’ll work on it though. 🙂



    Yea, It is a good idea. Currently, they are working on adding Chicago, New Jersey and Philadelphia.


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