Halloween Chill For Color Changing Thrills Soda Drinks


Halloween is just around the corner and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group has just released another version of mini decorative Halloween soda cans for their 7-Up, Sunkist, Canada Dry and A&W Root Beer brands for this years Halloween. The design on the cans for this year is mainly focused on the scary facial expressions rather than just a simple ghost appearing in different scary settings from last year and the color changing after chill are way better than last year as well. I think these soda drinks are best fit for Halloween parties and trick-or-treat give away.

Sunkist-Orange Soda Flavored With Other Natural Flavors

Trying to figure our how this color-changing thrills works, I just put the Sunkist in the freezer for couple hours and the color-changing thrills did happen on the can, but the liquid color of Sunkist soda did not change. However, the taste changed a bit. Before I put it in the freezer, it just tasted like a regular HFCS (high Fructose Corn syrup) orange soda. After chilling in the freezer for couple hours, the liquid becomes denser; no sign of carbonation and it’s sweet as hell. I would say 5 times sweeter than the non-chilled ones and some how it smells better than the regular ones. Also, the taste of HFCS becomes obvious as well and it was very hard to drink with out the carbonation. The aftertaste was awful. By the way, the color of the pumpkin face changes to dense sliver color.

A&W Root Beer Made With Aged Vanilla

I did the exact same thing with this A&W root beer as I did to the Sunkist. As result, this soda drink tasted better than non-chilled ones because it’s more crisp, smooth and flavored. Even though there’s no carbonation in the soda, it makes the root beer more appealing and a lot sweeter than the regular ones but still not as sweet as the chilled Sunkist orange soda. The vanilla flavor was also very well recognizable. The taste of HFCS was also noticeable for this A&W root beer after it’s been chilled for couple hours. The aftertaste wasn’t so bad compares to Sunkist and the face on the can changes to very light green color.

Canada Dry-Made From Real Ginger With 100% Natural Flavors

Since I did the same thing to the above two soda drinks, might as well do the same thing for this Canada Dry. The sweet taste wasn’t as sweet as the two above drinks, but still sweet comparing to the non-chilled Canada Dry. The texture becomes more smooth, clear and crisp. The ginger taste wasn’t so obvious after being chilled for few hours in the fridge, but it’s more recognizable than non-chilled Canada Dry. The aftertaste wasn’t so bad either. The eye and the tooth of on the can changed to pink color.

The above three Happy Halloween Chill for Color-Changing Thrills soda drinks are sweetened by HFCS and their ingredients are very similar to each other. They all have carbonated water, High fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Natural flavors. The Sunkist has modified food starch, Caffeine, Ester Gum, Ascorbic Acid, Yellow 6 and Red 40. As for A&W and Canada Dry, they both have Caramel Color. As for the calories: Sunkist has 130, A&W has 120 and Canada Dry has 90.  Also, Canada Dry and A &W are caffeine free.

After trying all three flavors, I like the A&W root beer the best based on the taste even though they were all sweetened by HFCS. After A&W, it would be the Canada Dry and then the Sunkist. I wouldn’t consider these soda drinks to be healthy drinks, instead just for the fun of tasting it. I’ve a feeling that with out the color changes, those cans looks scarier than after chilled. It looks cuter after color changes.


Price:  $2.99 for 1 pack

Size:  8 FL OZ /240 ML each Can

Flavor:  Orange, Root Beer, Ginger Ale

Aroma:  Orange, Root Beer, Ginger Ale

Calories:  90, 120, 130

Where to buy:   Local Super Market


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