Guayaki Healthy Energy Drink Yerba Mate Revel Berry


Couple months ago, Guayaki added two new flavors to their healthy energy drink Yerba Mate line for the public. One of the flavors is called Revel Berry and they used Yumberry, Raspberry /Blackberry to create it. The Yerba Mate is made from the leaves of the celebrated South American rain forest holly tree according to Guayaki and this flavor is tribute to the Aché Guayakí. Those who lived in the rain forest find it very rejuvenating and focused after sipping Yerba Mate. Later on, rain forest people called it “Drink of the gods.”  I guess the caffeine made them very hyper. If that’s the case, then what would the Starbucks be?

Upon opening the cap, there’s a fresh berry aroma with a touch of light sweetness coming out from this beautifully designed can bottle. The color of this Yerba Mate berry healthy drink is lighter than other mixed berry healthy beverages. First few sips were amazing because of the smooth, clean and fresh taste that made it so pleasant to drink. The balance of Yerba Mate and berry are very well mixed because neither one dominates the other flavor. As result, you could taste the existence of both flavors in one sip as you continuing drinking the beverage. Also, there’s neither strong taste of sweetness nor sour taste in the beverage and they do not grow on you after chucking down ¾ of the drink. There’s still carbonation in the drink even though it says non-carbonated on the bottle and there’s no aftertaste that you’d normally find in similar beverages. I could chuck this Guayaki Yerba Mate all day if there’s a store that’s close to where I live that sells Guayaki Yerba Mate.

As for health benefits, this Guayaki Yerba Mate Revel Berry is fair trade certified, USDA organic proved beverage and it contains 56 calories and 150mg of naturally occurring caffeine in each canned bottle. Those who are children, pregnant woman, nursing woman or sensitive to caffeine should not drink this beverage according to Guayaki.  For the revel berry flavor, they used organic Yumberry, Raspberry /Blackberry to create it. The sweetness is coming from the organic cane sugar and the main ingredient is organic Guayaki Yerba Mate.

For this flavor, I had to take a 30 min train ride to get to the closest store that sells Guayaki Yerba Mate from where I live. After drinking this healthy energy drink Yerba mate, I really didn’t feel any energy boost right away after drinking it, but I like the taste a lot. Now I have to find the enlighted mint flavor and see if it tastes better than the revel berry flavor.


Price:  1.25

Size:  16 Fl OZ / 473ml

Flavor:  Mixed Berries

Aroma:  Berry

Calories:  56

Where:   Here

Website:  Guayaki Facebook Twitter


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    One of my friends loves drinking that Guayaki. He told us that it is a healthy drink. I never thought that it is true. I think I should also drink this Guayaki.


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    Looking at its ingredient content i surely would want to try it out, and i guess it tastes yummy…


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