Goya Coconut Water with Pulp


Another Coconut Water Drink! This time it’s from Goya Foods and they said “It’s made from young green coconuts. Goya’s Coconut Water cools your taste buds with the pure essence of the tropics. Our Coconut water is 100% natural, so it’s the healthy choice for a light tropical beverage. And with Potassium and vitamins in every can, Goya Coconut Water is as great for your health as it is for your thirst. This refreshing beverage comes in two delicious varieties: unsweetened and sweetened with real coconut pieces inside.”

Goya Coconut Water with Pulp

There’s a refreshing coconut aroma coming out from the bottle when you open it for the first time and it was lightly sweetened just by smelling the scent. The color was same as other popular brand coconut water beverages. The texture for this Goya coconut water contains fresh coconut flesh. AS for the taste, the first sip tasted some what good. The coconut flavor was sensible and the crunch flesh makes interesting to drink. The sweet taste wasn’t overly sweetened, but it was a bit sweeter than other coconut water drinks. As you drink more, the sweet taste stacks up and made the coconut taste less appealing. After finishing half bottle, the taste wasn’t good natural anymore because of the sweetness in the drink.

Goya Coconut Water with Pulp

The ingredients for Goya Coconut Water with Pulp include: Young coconut juice (80%), Water, Sugar, Young Coconut Pulp, Citric Acid (E330) As Acidity Regulators, and Potassium Metabisulphite (E224) As Preservative. Allergy Advice: Contains Sulphurdioxide. It contains 130 calories and 24g of sugar. It’s product of Thailand.

Goya Coconut Water with Pulp

Overall, the taste would be better if it was less sweet. If you can’t find any coconut water drink and you really want to have one, then this might be the alternative to easy your thirst for coconut water. After trying all kind of popular coconut water brands, this Goya coconut water with pulp did not rank high on my list.


Price:  $1.59

Size: 13.5 FL OZ / 400ML

Aroma: Coconut Water

Taste: Coconut Water

Calories: 130

Where to buy: Local Store

Website:  Goya

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