Golden Nest Original Swallow Nest Beverage


Drink made out of bird’s saliva! Well, it’s actually bird’s nest or swallow nest beverage. The edible bird’s nests are very expensive and they have been used in Chinese cooking for many years. According to Golden Nest, “swallow nest had been considered as a substance that slows down the aging process, a rejuvenating agent. Swallow nest also acts as a demulcent to the lungs and have been used in relieving phlegm and coughs.

Based on modern researches, the protein contained in swallow nest is distinct in that it is mainly biologically active protein, which has revitalizing effects to human body. The researches reveal that Swallow nest contains small amount of epidermal growth factor. Water extraction of Swallow nest can also directly stimulate cell growth/regeneration and enhance the effectiveness of mitogen (the initiator in cell division). Also, this active protein in the nest makes it a very useful tonic for people with weak digestion system (e.g. elderly people), and for some that need a very rapid cell regeneration and development (e.g.: pregnant women, growing children). One of the most recent published researches confirms that the high content of water-soluble glyco-protein in swallow nest promotes cell division within the immune system.”

Golden Nest Original Swallow Nest Beverage

There’s a lightly sweetened swallow nest or bird’s nest soup aroma coming out from the glass bottle. The color of this beverage looked very light orange and the texture contains small pieces of bird’s nest. Also, the liquid was a bit thick. Overall, the liquid did not look like bird’s saliva. The first sip has the light sweet taste and the small pieces of bird’s nest tasted a bit crunchy some how. After your mouth processed the sip, the feeling you get was similar to drinking Aloe drinks. This beverage was very smooth and easy to swallow. I guess that’s why they named swallow nest. The sweetener used for this bird’s nest drink was organic sugar, but it tasted more like crystal sugar. After swallowing half bottle of the drink, the sweet taste was the same compares to the beginning when you first started sipping it and the swallow nest taste was light as well through out the whole tasting process. There’s no aftertaste for this bird’s nest beverage.

Golden Nest Original Swallow Nest Beverage

The ingredients for this Original Swallow Nest Beverage include: Water, Organic Sugar, Indonesian Swallow Nest, and Gellan Gum. It contains 70 calories and 17g of sugar for this 8 fl oz bottle. Also, it says 100% hand-wash, no bleaching, no preservatives and no artificial colors. In addition, its USDA certified organic, bleach free, pesticide free and no high fructose syrup.

Golden Nest Original Swallow Nest Beverage

Overall, the taste was not that bad and if you don’t mind the bird’s saliva, then you might want to try it out.  I’m not sure what this small bottle can bring me in terms of health effects, but to get the bird’s nest, people actually climb to the top of the cave and pick the nests. It’s really dangerous!


Price:  $3.99

Size:   8 FL OZ / 240 ML

Aroma: Swallow Nest

Taste: Swallow Nest

Calories:  70

Where to buy: Here

Website:  Swallow Nest

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