Gold Peak Diet Iced Tea


I just discovered this Gold Peak Diet Iced Tea in a local pharmacy store while I was looking for Vicks Dayquil. The beverage plastic bottle design looks very interesting and the color of the drink reminds me of bitter teas that I have tried in the past. This healthy beverage is produced under the authority of Coca-Cola Company. Currently, there are five flavors available under the brand and as you may know that this brand is not new. For those who have already tried this beverage, I assume you love the taste even if you are not a tea drinker. After a little bit of research, it seems people are having trouble finding this great diet iced tea beverage.

Gold Teak Diet Iced Tea

Gold Peak Diet Iced Tea

When you open a bottle of beverage, you normally would smell some sort of strong aroma coming out, but this drink does not have that dominating smell coming out. It just smells like regular tea. As for the taste, it is very refreshing and it is not over sweetened. The balance of sweetness and the tea flavor works out perfectly. Normally, you would expect the diet drinks to be all watery flavored because its diet, but not the case for this drink. After you finish half of the bottle, you will feel a little bit of bitterness in your tongue, but it still tastes much better compares to the teas that are serving in Asian restaurants. Also, I love the fact that there isn’t an aftertaste that you’d normally find in a diet drink.

In regard to health benefits, it has calorie free, very low sodium and no preservatives statements on the bottle. Also, there’s another statement about “Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine.”  To those who do not understand what that means or concerns about the statement, you can visit this website.

I love this healthy beverage tea drink!


Price: $1.79

Size: 18.5 FL OZ 547mL

Flavor: Diet Tea

Smell: Tea

Nutrition: Calorie Free, Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine

Where to Buy: Rite Aid, Seven Eleven, Shop Rite, Duane Reade, Hess Express, etc.

Website: Gold peak tea

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