GoGo squeeZ Apple Peach for Kids


Hey kids, applesauce on the go! GoGo squeeZ is the first all natural 100% fruit squeezable applesauce for kids on the go. It is a product of France, manufactured by Materne and imported by International Food Associates, Inc. According to their package label, “Story has it that in the 19th century, a very loving grandfather was determined to craft a special snack for his grandson. Using delicious apples from his backyard orchard in the Val De Loire region of France, near the Chateau Chambord, Monsieur Materne created a delicious and simple applesauce, the Materne Company was born in what would become the most popular applesauce company in France.”

GoGo squeeZ Apple Peach

Upon twisting the small yellow cap, there’s a mild apple sauce aroma coming out from the pouch. The color and the texture of this Apple Peach flavor looked exactly like your normal apple sauce that you use for cooking. As for the taste, I was expecting it to be sour, but it turned out to be just fine and it did taste like apple sauce. In the beginning, it was a bit difficult to taste the peach flavor, but after finishing one pouch, you could sense the peach flavor in the taste. Also, it left a tart taste after you swallow down the sauce. The sweet and sour tastes were balanced very well. The dominate flavor was obviously the apple flavor. It was easy, smooth and pleasant to taste. There’s no aftertaste for this GoGo Squeeze flavor.

GoGo Squeez Aplle Peach

The ingredients for this Materne GoGo Squeeze Apple Peach include: Apple, Peach, and Apple Juice Concentrate. Also, each pouch contains 60 calories, 3mg of sodium, and 13.3g of total carbohydrate. Each pouch weight 3.2 OZ (90g) and it is Kosher certified by Badatz Chug and OK according to their label. It is 100% fruit, no added sugar, no artificial flavors or preservative, Gluten and dairy free, no Spoon needed.
Warning: This pack has a small cap which makes it unsuitable for unsupervised children under 36 months. For more information, visit here.

GoGo squeeZ Apple Peach

Overall, I love the taste of this Apple Peach flavor and it makes me feel like a kid again. I think they should make the pouch bigger so that the adults can enjoy some GoGo Squeeze too. I finished all four pouches in a minute or two! I can’t wait to try out their other delicious varieties.


Price:  $2.29

Size: 4 Pouches in one package

Aroma: Apple

Taste:  Apple

Calories:  60 per pouch

Where to buy:  Here

Website: GoGo Squuez  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

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