Glaceau Vitaminwater Stur-D Blue Agave Passion Fruit Citrus


Vitaminwater Stur-D is now available in grocery store, supermarket and drug stores. I remember two months ago, the industry’s leading enhanced water beverage maker announced their latest industry innovation, the Vitaminwater Stur-D. It is the first enhanced water and juice beverage with vitamin d and calcium that try to meet the need of vitamin d that the most Americans don’t get enough of. Hope this new member will do exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Vitaimwater Stur-D

The label design on Glaceau newest Vitaminwater flavor Stur-D is not that out standing because it’s similar comparing to their other flavors, but it’s enough to differentiate from the rest. Upon opening the cap, there’s the usual Vitaminwater aroma coming out from the bottle, nothing special scent what so ever. I guess they made all the Vitaminwater flavors to smell the same. I was expecting something different since its new. Oh Well. As for the color of the drink, you can see from the picture its blue and the texture is same as all other Vitaminwater flavors, which are smooth, clean, and clear. The first couple sips was tasteless and some how I couldn’t detect any flavors in this new Stur-D flavor. However, one big change in this drink might be the sweetness of this new Stur-D flavor because it’s less sweet than their other flavors that I’ve tried in the past except for the Zero calories and the percentage of juice they’ve added to the drink. As you drink more, the passion fruit flavor starts to show up a little bit and same for the citrus flavor as well, but the Blue Agave flavor seems to be lost in the Mars because it never shows up. The sweet and sour taste was very well balanced, but the citrus flavor was a bit more over the other flavors. After all, the taste was smooth, refreshing and easy to drink. There’s no aftertaste for Vitaminwater and it’s true for this new flavor as well.

Vitaminwater Stur-D

This new Vitaminwater flavor Stur-D contains 40 calorie and excellent source of C and B vitamins. The vitamin Bs include: B3, B5, B6, and B12. The ingredients for Stur-D: Reverse osmosis water, pear juice from concentrate, crystalline fructose, cane Sugar, less than 1% of: calcium phosphate, natural flavors, Vitamin c, citric acid, pectin, fruit juice, magnesium lactate and calcium lactate and potassium phosphate, rebiana, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. Looks like those ingredients are looking good for your health.

Vitaminwater Stur-D

Over all, I like this new Stur-D flavor from Vitaminwater because it tasted pretty good even though there’s some flavor missing in the drink. I think people should try this new flavor from Vitaminwater. This so called enhanced water with juice beverage is actually not bad at all.

Price:  $1.39

Size:  20 Fl OZ / 591ml

Flavor: Blue Agave Passion Fruit Citrus

Calories:  40

Aroma:  Vitamin Water

Where to buy:   your local grocery store, supermarket and drug store

Website:  Facebook Twitter


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  • Rich

    Disappointed by the flavor. I didn’t like it. The passion fruit was really strong. Customer is disappointed here!


  • Nathan

    If VitaminWater doesn’t have an aftertaste, then McDonald’s doesn’t serve burgers. In my opinion, this is the only good tasting flavor that I have ever drank, and possibly the only one I would choose to drink. You are so full of crap thinking that this flavor is less sweet than the others. All the other flavors are extremely bitter and horrid. VitaminWater sucks and so does your review of this flavor it’s the only good one!!!


  • Randall "Texrat" Arnold

    I was really excited to see this new addition, as I suspect I have been needing more vitamin D. At first I found the taste a little odd but it quickly grew on me. This is now my default Vitaminwater.


  • Mr drink smart

    Good idea but once again, VitaminWater fails to deliver. The amount of vitamin D in this beverage is a joke. It has little to no impact on the body let alone save the world from vitamin d deficiency. What a joke! Try milk, a vitamin d supplement , or if you want a real beverage try Neuro Sun with 1000 IU of vitamin d.


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