Glaceau Vitamin Water Connect Black Cherry-Lime Flavor


For those of you who keep up with the social media trend know that Vitamin Water took a new approach to come up with their new flavor. They collaborated with their Facebook users and just in March of this year 2010, they introduced Vitaminwater Connect black cherry lime flavor to all the drinkers. It was meant to be made by fan and for fans on Facebook. I found this drink in a local pharmacy store called DuanRead and I was so excited when I found this connect because I’ve been looking for this drink for a long time. You know sometimes when you want something so badly and it does not happen right away, but some how later on it finds you.

There’s a strong sweet black cherry aroma coming out of the bottle when you open it for the first time. Upon the first sip, you can definitely taste the cherry flavor, but not so much of the lime flavor. Also, it is sweeter than other Vitamin Water flavors and there’s no sour taste in the beverage even thought it says lime is part of the flavor. As result, there’s no balance between black cherry and lime flavor. I was expecting the beverage to be less sweet and a well balanced flavor between cherry and lime. Unlike like the other flavors from Vitamin Water, The aftertaste for this beverage is really bad because it makes your mouth dry. However, it’s very refreshing and easy to drink if you do not care about the taste.

As for nutrients in the bottle, it contains similar vitamins compare to others. For this particular fan made or fan choice flavor beverage, contains 50 calories and 40mg of caffeine. I really didn’t enjoy drinking this particular flavor and I hope they will make a better one next time if there’s another chance.

Price: $1.50
Size: 20 FL OZ 591mL
Flavor: Black Cherry Lime
Smell: Cherry Aroma
Nutrition: Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, B12, Electrolytes and 40mg Caffeine
Where: Pharmacy store.
Website:  Facebook


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  • Luke

    Say what you will about vitaminwater’s flavor but that stuff is tasty!
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  • DeDe

    I absoulty love “Connect”. I am totally upset they no longer carry this flavor in my area! I do not drink soft drinks of any kind, and no other flavored drinks other than vitamin water. Water, green tea, Connect that’s it. Now down to 2!


  • Alfred Webb

    I personally like CONNECT but have not been able to get more at the grocery stores. WHY? Has this product been discontinued or is it just out of stock.


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