Ginseng Up Cola Drink


Cola with Ginseng! I found a cola drink that comes with Korean ginseng. According to Ginseng Up, “Anyone who wants a delicious, healthy, and natural soft drink will enjoy drinking Ginseng UP. Many people are looking for a real alternative to the usual sweet sodas that have artificial ingredients, caffeine, alcohol and boring mineral waters available today. Ginseng UP soft drinks are more than just refreshment. They taste good and give you a real lift. Each delicious flavor is 100% natural with the added nutritional benefit of imported Korean ginseng.”  The company is located in New Jersey.

Ginseng Up Cola

Upon opening the cap, there’s a lightly refreshing cola aroma coming out from the bottle and there was no sign of subtle ginseng scent from the bottle when you sniff it. The color and texture of this Ginseng Up Cola drink looked very similar to the regular coke cola that you drink every day. The carbonation wasn’t as much as your regular cola drinks. As for the taste, I was expecting to have the same taste as the regular cola drink, but it totally the opposite. The very first sip tasted not totally cola flavor, but instead of similar cola taste with subtle ginseng flavor. AS you drink more, there’s a subtle bitter taste at the end after you swallow the sip down. When you swallow down your sip, there’s a feeling of heaviness in your throat. The sweet taste wasn’t that overly sweetened and the ginseng flavor was hard to recognize even after finishing drinking half of the bottle.

Ginseng Up cola Drink

The ingredients for this Ginseng Up Cola includes: Filtered Carbonated Water, Fructose, Natural Citric Acid, Natural Caffeine Free cola Flavor, Natural color, IL HWA Korean Ginseng Tea. It also contains 38g of sugar, 10mg of sodium, and 150 calories.

Ginseng Up ColaOverall, the taste of this drink wasn’t that bad and it could be another alternative for those who love to drink cola drinks. This drink would be better if you could actually sense the ginseng flavor in the drink while you were drinking it.


Price:  $1.59

Size:  12 Fl OZ / 355ML

Aroma:  Cola

Taste:  Cola

Calorie:  150

Where to buy:  Whole Food Market

Website:   Ginseng Up Dinks



  • Violet Wills

    I live in Canada where can i buy it


  • Peter

    Buy it from your fish monger


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