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New Flavors from Plan Tea!  Here’s the company overview, “We (Claire & Alex) were married in 2009 and decided to turn a 2-week “honeymoon” into a 12-month “honeymoon sabbatical”. Rather than return to the real jobs we once held in New York City, we headed south to Argentina and immersed ourselves in Spanish, Malbec and figuring out what the heck we wanted to do with our lives.

12 months later, we were back in the U.S. with a Plan (“The Plan”, in fact) to offer a premium, organic and socially-oriented alternative to existing tea brands that we found to be low-quality, over-sweetened and over-flavored. Claire went to work developing the perfect flavor infusions while sourcing the highest-quality tea leaves and minimizing the calorie and sugar content. Alex started cutting every possible cost (except the premium ingredients you deserve) to maximize the amount of money we could contribute to our favorite non-profits (FYI – we give 5% of our net sales).”

Plan Tea DrinksPlan Tea: Black Tea

There’s a lightly sweetened tea aroma coming out from the bottle when you open it for the first time. The color and the texture of this black tea looked same as other regular tea drinks with the exception of tiny tea leaves at the bottom of the drink. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted exactly like your self brewed tea drink. There’s no sweet taste even though you could smell the subtle lightly sweet scent. However, after couple more sips when your mouth processes the sip, you could sense the very light subtle sweet taste and ends with mild tea flavor taste after you swallow down the sip. The flavor was easy and pleasant to drink, just like their other flavors. As for the aftertaste, the tea flavor kind of lingers a bit in your mouth.

Plan Tea Black TeaPlan Tea: White Tea

The tea aroma coming out from this White Tea was slightly lighter than the Black Tea. The color and the texture were the same as the previous flavor. As for the taste, the tea taste was lighter than the Black Tea and the light sweet taste was the same as well. However, it was easy to recognize the honey taste than the taste in Black Tea. After chugging down half bottle, the taste just kept on getting better. Also, it didn’t taste as bitter as the previous flavor and it tasted as close as you could get compares to your own brewed tea drinks using tea bags. White Tea was also easy and smooth to drink.

Plan Tea White Tea

The ingredients for Plan Tea -White Tea include: Purified Water (Infused with organic & fair trade certified Darjeeling white Tea leaves), Organic wildflower honey and citric Acid.
The ingredients for Plan Tea- Black Tea include: Purified Water (Infused with organic & fair trade certified Darjeeling black tea leaves), organic wildflower honey and citric Acid.

Plan Tea Facts

Overall, both flavors were refreshing and personally I like the White Tea over Black Tea. If you don’t like sweet tea drinks then you might want to try the Plan Tea drinks, it could be another alternative for tea drinks.


Price:  2 for $3.00

Size:   16 FL OZ / 473 ML

Aroma: Tea

Taste: Tea

Calories:  40 / 36

Where to buy:  Here

Website:   Plan Tea   Facebook

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