Fresh Tropical Fruit Flavored Soft Drink From Mexico


Now days, there are so many branding consultants or branding experts out there uses internet as a marketing tool to help business expand. I was asked by a marketing firm in Los Angeles called Rocket XL to see if I’d like to try some fresh tropical fruit flavored soft drink called Jarritos from Mexico. Jarritos brand is owned by Novamex, just like the Sidral Mundet, which is also from Mexico. The Jarritos sodas are naturally flavored with less carbonated water and it uses 100% natural sugar. Couple days ago, I received a sampler pack of 11 bottles with a CD and a Jarriots club T-shirt in a package and the 11 bottles represents each flavor for their Jarritos.  You might want to grab a drink before you go on because it’s a long review.


Lemon-Lime (“lima-limón”) Flavor

Upon opening the bottle cap with my teeth, a light lemon-lime scent with sound of carbonated gas coming out of the glass bottle. For the first few sips, you could tell the Lemon-Lime flavor is definitely there and the taste for this flavor is very refreshing. Since it feels less carbonated than popular soft drinks that we usually drink, there’s no pop rocks feeling in your mouth after a sip of the drink. Also, it is not sweet at all because of the pure sugar cane was used instead of high fructose corn syrup. The sweetness and sourness are very well balanced and there’s no aftertaste.

Mango (mango) Flavor

There’s a strong Mango scent coming out of the bottle when you first open it. It smells like fresh mango  and there’s no sweetness in the aroma at all.  However, the mango flavor in this soda is not very strong in the beginning when you tasted it. The first few sips taste very bland. After you have gone through half of the bottle, you kind of starting to get the mango flavor taste. The sweetness is very well managed for this incredible beverage because of the natural sugar. Also, with the addition of carbonation, it makes very fun to drink.

Tamarind (tamarindo) Flavor

If you like me don’t know what Tamarind is, you can find out more information about it in here. When you open the bottle for the first time, there’s a bitter herb scent coming out from the bottle and it is not very strong or convincing to tell what exactly is. I do not know what to expect from this taste, but for the first few tastes, it tastes like sweet herb tea that you usually get from Asian tea store. Once you get used to the taste, it’s quite good and tasty. As for this drink, it’s a bit little sweeter than the previous drinks and it’s pretty unique.

Strawberry (fresa) Flavor

Don’t you love it when you smell fresh scents? Well, you can smell the refreshing strawberry aroma coming out from this flavor bottle when you open it for the first time. The initial taste was quite pleasant and tasty. As you drink more, the taste becomes more of just sweet water and the strawberry flavor gets taken over by the sweetness of the drink. Since this is an artificial flavored soda, you can’t compare to the real strawberry taste. However, the taste seems to improve when there’s no carbonation in it, but then it won’t be called soda.

Pineapple (piña) Flavor

Man, it smells good! The pineapple scent coming out from the bottle is very light and you have to stick your nose right into the bottle in order to smell it. As usual, first few sips did not quite get the flavor from this drink. After you tasted the flavor you will notice that it’s not very close to the actual pineapple taste and should be a little bit stronger. I love eating the real pineapple, but this taste just like sweet sugar water with not so convincing pineapple flavor. The aftertaste is similar to other Jarriots flavors.

Mandarin (mandarina) Flavor

I can’t tell whether it smells like mandarin or not when I first opened the bottle. The aroma coming out of the bottle was very strong and after sniffing about one minute, my mind tells me that it smells like the Chinese medicine because I haven seen it  and taste it before. Thank god the initial taste was not even close to the medicine. However, it does taste a little bit bitter and the scent is not friendly either. With the carbonation in the drink, after your sip, the scent just directly goes to your nose and it’s not fun at all. The taste for this flavor is very well balanced between the sweet and mandarin, but the aroma is just killing me.

Lime (limón) Flavor

After you open the bottle cap with your teeth, there’s a very light lime flavor scent coming out from the bottle. It gives me a woo-hoo moment after the initial taste. So far, this is my favorite  drink from Jarritos. It doesn’t taste very sour or sweet, the balance between the two is very well mixed. It tastes similar to those Gatorade G series thirst quencher Lime flavor with the exception of carbonation in the drink. If you leave the drink over night and not seal the cap, it will taste like Gatorade. This is one of the best Lime flavor soda that is out there on the market.

Jamaica (jamaica) Flavor

This is another interesting flavor that I haven’t tried before. At first, I thought isn’t Jamaica  a country and why would they come out a country name drink?  With the help of Google, it turns out to be a plant and you can find more info in here. It smells like sweet pomegranate when you first contact it with your nose. My first reaction to the initial taste was “Hey, its dragon fruit” but then I thought it about it “No, it tastes like Yumberry.” The sourness and sweetness are very well mixed, just like the previous flavor drinks. There’s no after taste for this flavor. Once again, it is a quite interesting drink with some what unique flavor.

Guava (guayaba) Flavor

Since the color of the guava’s skin can be ranged from yellow to red or to purple-black and the flesh can be ranged from pale yellow to bright red, their taste must be different too. As for this pinkish flesh color guava drink, the aroma coming out from the bottle is very refreshing and my reaction to the first sip was “Nicely done.” It tastes like as almost as real guava and it’s really easy to drink and tasty. Also, it is one of the best Guava sodas that are out there.

Grapefruit (toronja) Flavor

There’s a very light lime like scent coming out of the bottle after you pop the cap. It’s hard to tell what the actual taste is like for the first few sips, but later on you kind of recognize that it tastes more or less like citrus. There’s no grapefruit flavor at all in this drink. Not only it’s a bit sour than all the previous Jarritos soda that I’ve tried in the above but also contains bitter taste in this flavor. There’s  more carbonation in the drink compares to previous drinks, but it’s less carbonated compares to U.S sodas. It feels like eating fresh green lime.

Fruit Punch (tutifruti) Flavor

After trying a sour flavor Jarritos soda, this soda helps me to gain back the interest to keep on drinking Jarritos. The aroma coming out of the bottle does smell like fruit punch and the initial taste is really refreshing. The sweetness is also one of the reasons why this flavor tastes so good because it’s not overly sweet. Some how the carbonation in this drink helps the flavor to taste even better, but it does not apply for some other flavors. Like other Jarriots, there’s no aftertaste.


What else can you get out of these drinks besides their taste? Well, all 11 flavors use similar ingredients and they are: Carbonated Water, Natural Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, and Sodium Benzoate. As for the color ingredients, they use Caramel colors, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, and Blue 1. As for the sweetness, the amount of sugar contained in each flavor is in the range between 28g to 29g. Another important fact that we care about is the amount of calories in each flavor. Since this is not diet soda, each flavor contains 110 calories for every 12.5 FL glass bottle.


After opening couple tropical fruit flavored Jarritos with my teeth, I must said that it’s worth it. My favorite flavors are the Lime, Pineapple and Strawberry. The weird ones are Jamaica, Tamarind and Mandarin. I will definitely buy my favorite flavors again if I see them. By the way, I love those songs in the CD and I have been listening to them while tasting flavors. Even though I don’t understand what the heck they are saying, but the music is great!


Price:  Review

Size:  12.5 FL OZ   370ml

Where:  Your Local Supermarket

Website: Jarritos, Mexican Jarritos, Novamex, Cott Mexico, Store, Club, Copa, Twitter, Facebook

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