Fresh And Healthy Everyday Beverage From Ralph & Charlie’s


Fresh and healthy beverage that anyone can enjoy everyday! Back in March, I did a review on Carrot Strawberry flavor from Ralph & Charlie’s and I thought I should try other flavors. So, I found another naturally turbid, pasteurized and multi-fruit beverage from Ralph & Charlie’s. The multi-fruit contain Green Apple, Kiwi and Pineapple. I have no clue how this taste is going to be like and I thought what could go wrong if you combine with Apple, Kiwi and Pineapple altogether. Well, sometimes it just doesn’t go your way.

Upon busting the bottle cap, you get to smell a fruity sweet kind of flavor and some how the Green Apple aroma is the one that dominates the other two in this juice drink. For the first few sips, you will notice that the drink is very thick and watery. You love the taste and want to chuck it down right away, but when you get through half way of the bottle, you start to feel a heavy mix of sweet and sour taste. It’s not very pleasant to drink. Also, it seems as if I’m drinking some sort of grass juice. In addition, it’s very difficult to tell if the beverage does really contain all three flavors from your taste even if you soak your tongue in the bottle for few seconds. The aftertaste of this juice drink is not quite as pleasant as the previous flavor that I have done a review on from Ralph and Charlie’s.  By the way, please drink it when it cold or the taste will get even worse.

This drink does not taste that bad compares to other juice drinks and I finish the whole bottle. There’s not much nutrition that’s worth mentioning from this beverage. For those who are concerned about how many calories does this drink contain, the information on the label says calories 50. The company for this beverage is located in New York Brooklyn and if you are happened to be in the area, I guess it won’t be a problem for you to find this drink.


Price: $1.49

Size:  18 FL OZ   653mL

Flavor:  Apple, Kiwi and Pineapple

Smell:  Fruity Sweet

Nutrition:  Calories 50

Where:  C-Town



  • HSL

    This looks like a bottle of bile =/



    Bile Jar from Left 4 dead 2. lol


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