Free Target Exclusive Paul Rodriguez Mountain Dew Hat


Target is offering Get a FREE Hat when you purchase any 3 Mountain Dew 12 packs. Currently, I have two Target Exclusive Paul Rodriguez Mountain Dew Hats available to give away for free and the hat size is one size to fit all. I will pick two winners since both hats are the same. In order for you to win, all you need to do is to leave a comment below in the comment section of this post and your comment has to be why you should be the winner of this giveaway.

Exclusive Paul Rodriguez Mountain Dew Hat

Please use an E-mail address where you can receive my email in case you are the winner. Drinkwhat will stop accepting entries on Thursday, September 15th, 2011 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time and only one entry is allowed per person. The person has to be 18 and older. By the way, Drinkwhat will not use your sensitive information under any circumstances besides sending the prizes that you actually won on

Target Exclusive Paul Rodriguez Mountain Dew Hat

Congratulations to the Winners: Mike & Sean !


  • Jonny McKim

    will you post to the UK? I love the dew and P-rod is the man but you cant get the hats here, it’s hard enough to find the dew!


  • Sean

    Because I had a Mountain Dew with breakfast today!


  • Simon Gott

    I live in the U.K where we have only just begun to get mountain dew energy and as great as that is it just isn’t the same but I am lucky enough to be part american so when I go over there I make sure to stock up on as much as the airline allows. I have pyjama pants and a shirt with mountain dew and I still have the first bottle I bought which is pride of place in my room. To say I have an obsession is an understatement and if I won I would wear my mountain dew hat proudly.


    Jonny McKim

    Dude, I’m from Belfast, we get Mountain Dew energy but you’re correct sir, it just ain’t no mountain dew original. Lucky for me the shop around the corner stocks american soda and candy but Mountain dew is £1.60 a can, expensive but totally worth it! They also stock all the flavors too, it’s amazing, each time i visit the shop i need to buy atleast 2 cans!
    good luck with the hat competition 🙂


  • Bee Long

    God Bless Mountain Dew! A drink so good that it’s got its own sub-culture.


  • Kévin


    First of all, I am French thus excuse I for the faults..
    I find that the capsquette is really classy grace in the small key(touch) mtn dew, then rodriquez paul is the best skater.


  • myles

    i was porn in amerca and leved ther for 13 and then moved to the uk. it would be cool if i got it becouse i would be like one of few people the uk to have one.


  • Mike Brown

    I went in Target Friday Sept 2 and saw the sale and wanted to get the 12packs and the hat, but didnt have the money on me. I drink Dew all the time and loved the hat. Im really picky about my hats, but this hat was the coolest one I’ve seen. I went back on Labor Day to get the deal, and everything was sold out. I was so disappointed I tryed to find a website where I could possibly get one, and ran across this! If I got a hat, I would wear it proud!!


  • Joseph

    My very survival depends on Mountain Dew! Sweet Hat.


  • Nate

    I LOVE Mountain Dew….and I love hats. This is PERFECT for me. I went to Target and saw the display, but I had just stocked up on Dew! I love the Dew so much and I REALLY REALLY would like one of these hats. I would wear this hat so much, you wouldn’t believe it.


  • Jeffrey

    Mt. Dew is my favorite drink in the world, it is so much better than water and ranks right below air (Sorry i need the air to be able to drink it). I drink a 2 liter every day, and i probably will either lose all my teeth or die by age 30 but thats okay because i probably would have had a dew the day i die. It is basically christmas every time the put out a new dew, and even better when they bring back old ones. I would love to get this hat so i can throw down a two liter with this dud on.


  • Dustin

    I love Mountain Dew. I don’t drink anything but Mt. Dew. It’s my favorite drink EVER. If I didn’t have Mountain Dew, I think I’d die. So please pick me.


  • haedan

    The reason why I think I should win this hat is because I’ve always loved mtn dew and I’m a skateboarder and p-rod has always been my favorite skateboarder ever since because he didn’t really care about the money and fame he just wanted to skate and that’s exactly how I am and he has wanted to make his own skateboard company for a long time and now he did and which is very sick and I’ve just always wanted a hat like this.


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