Free AriZona Retro Snapback Hat


Giving away two AriZona Retro Snapback Hats! According to AriZona, “AriZona is bringing back a classic with the Retro Split Sun Embroidered Snapback Hat! Featuring an embroidered throwback AriZona logo, the black hat features a mesh section for ideal breathability and an AriZona logo across the back.”  I will pick two winners since both hats are the same and the hat size is one size to fit all. In order for you to win, all you need to do is to leave a comment below in the comment section of this post and your comment has to be why you should be the winner of this giveaway.

AriZona Retro Snapback HatPlease use an E-mail address where you can receive my email when you decide to post a comment in case you are the winner. Drinkwhat will stop accepting entries on Friday, February 3rd, 2012 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time and only one entry is allowed per person. The person has to be 18 and older. By the way, Drinkwhat will not use your sensitive information under any circumstances besides sending the prizes that you’ve actually won on

Free AriZona Retro Snapback HatGood Luck!


Update:  Based on the drawing result after input all of the candidates,  the top two in the list were Mary and Sean.
Congratulations to both and to those who did not win this time, there’s always next time!



  • Matt Cunningham

    I believe I should win one of these hats because it would be for my son. He has a hat that he wears everyday that is a retro style such as this. It was his brothers before he passed away and it is getting pretty worn out. I think he would love this hat because it is basicly the same colors as well. He would appreciate this hat because he would be able to put his other into retirement and be able to have it for a very long time. This would be a great replacement.


  • Zach

    Hey whatsup! I think I should win this hat because I absolutely love Arizona tea, I drink it religously. I also really like these kinds of hats but cool ones are hard to come by and I love the colors of this hat and people would think it was cool because they always see me with a Zona in my hand. Thanks!


  • Jefferson dedrick

    I play quidditch. Look it up on wikipedia.
    And everyone knows that after a had game of seeking, every hero on the pitch deserves a drink of Arizona ice tea.

    Help support me and my quidditch team by getting me this hat!
    Ice tea and quiddith 4-Eva!


  • WilliamMiller

    I have a brother who goes to college in D.C.
    When he comes home, he requires three things:

    1) 2% Milk
    2) mountain dew throwback
    3) a large jug of Arizona tea

    This summer will be his last summer before he goes to Grad school.
    He is getting an apartment with his girlfriend there in DC, and thus, will no longer be living with my family.

    If I win this hat, I’ll give it to him, in hopes of making his last summer home the most special he has had since the summer his little brother was born, 18 years ago!



  • Mary

    Dear People of,
    I believe that I should win one of these fabulous AriZona Iced Tea hats because it would be going to my son. He is obsessed with drinking this. We must always have a gallon of iced tea in our fridge at any given time for him, and his cravings don’t stop there. Whenever we go to the store he brings $.99 with him just so he can get a special type of AriZona Iced Tea. When he is done drinking the it he then saves the can and adds it to his iced tea collection. You could say he loves “Big Cans”(AriZona Iced Tea slogan). This hat would be the pinnacle of his collection. In addition whenever he wears it would show the world that he very much enjoys drinking AriZona Iced Tea, but that is if he doesn’t already have one in his hand. I do hope you choose me to be one of the lucky winners.



    Just kidding, Mary, hope you and Nic win! Thanks for letting Neville about this! 🙂


  • Weyni

    I think I should win this hat because I absolutely loveeeee Arizona and everyone around me knows it. I’ve tried almost every flavor. My favorite is Mango Peach though. But my birthday is the same day as the deadline, so this would be the best present I could get, besides Arizonas.


  • Alexander Minor

    I think i should get a hat because I am A hat collector and I have also started a team Arizona album on facebook. It has pics of me and my Arizona loving friends drinking Arizona.


  • Dave

    I believe I should win one of these hats because I’d give it to my friend Amphon. If I were to best describe Amphon in 4 words it would be “Arizona tea and snapbacks.” Those are the essence of Amphon. I have never seen him drink anything but Arizona and I have never seen him without a snapback on. I sincerely hope you pick my entry to win because I’d love to surprise Amphon with this hat, and I’m sure he would love the surprise even more.




  • Sean

    Why I should win a lovely AriZona Retro Snapback Hat from,

    A few days ago I was drinking an Arizona Green Tea while driving along a bridge with my dog Baxter in the passenger seat. In fact, I enjoyed it a little too much which caused me to swerve into the other lane and wipe out a biker. Fortunately, the man was scuffed up a little bit but seemed alright. I parked my car and walked over to confront him. Here’s what went down next.

    Upset Biker: “What the hell bro?!”

    Me: “Hello neighbor, what a terrific little spill, thats quite the raspberry you’ve got there.”

    Upset Biker: “You just wrecked my chopper and destroyed the only thing I love! What do you love?”

    Me: “I love poetry, a nice glass of Arizona Arnold Palmer, reading the latest on and of course my friend Baxter here.” Baxter had gotten out of the car and was beside me.

    Biker: “Yeah well now this is happening,” He then grabbed Baxter and ruthlessly punted him off the bridge.

    I’m still not sure if Baxter perished but he is still missing. This awesome AriZona Retro Snapback hat reminds me of the great times I shared with him and would be a nice homage to an amazing friend.

    Hopefully you have seen Anchorman and I apologize for the long comment.




  • miguel

    i think ishould win nthis hat because i have donated at leasr 300 dollars to arizona tea i drink it daily becaouse our school store and i collect snap back and rgis looks hella rare because i have never seen an arizona tea snap


  • Brina

    Hey! I love Arizona green tea


  • Trice1474

    My kids love snapbacks and they are in love with Arizonas especially the plastic bottles they are much better than the cans!!!


  • kalyn

    hey, i have 4 kids. 1 is autistic (4yrs.old. cant talk, and barely walks.) and hates stuff on her head but loves colorful things. maybe if she has a colorful hat she likes, she will let me do therapy with her with it and hopefully will start letting me put hats and stuff on her. Besides with 4 kids all age 5 and under, anything free is awesome!!


  • layasa

    Wow!!! AriZona Retro snapback hats are awesome.


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