Fat Free Coconut Water From One Natural Experience


Found this fat free coconut water health drink in Walgreens. The reason I bought the beverage was not because I like to drink coconut, but the unique design of the foil wrapped drink package. As for the taste, it’s same as the  raw coconut you buy from your local supermarket. It has no added flavors or sugars to it. Hmm… wonder how many coconuts were used to make this one small healthy beverage. Anyway, when I first opened the bottle, it has this weird aroma coming out and I thought the drink was expired, but it turns out that the drink was suppose to have this kind of smell. The nutrition facts or the health benefits that they claim to have in the drink makes you want to buy it too because it helps you to recover your body faster after an exercise. I guess you just got to believe what they have listed under nutrition or test it out yourself.

O.N.E Coconut Water

O.N.E Coconut Water is not bad at all for those who like to just drink simple flavor beverages with great electrolyte and mineral properties. The flavor is as close to the original coconut flavor as you can get and it seems they have proved that it is 100% natural. If you can’t get a refresh raw coconut, then this should be a good substitute. Just a reminder, chill it before you drinks it.

Some of the Coconut Water Key Health Benefits from One Natural Experience:

Coconut Water is excellent for replacing lost electrolytes from exercise or illness
Coconut Water is an all-natural sports/energy drink
Coconut Water is a natural isotonic beverage-contains a similar level of electrolytes found in human blood.
Coconut Water may help promote smoother, more hydrated skin
Coconut Water is non-allergenic
Coconut Water is rich in potassium. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and heart function.


Price: $1.00

Size: 11.2 FL OZ

Flavor: Coconut

Aroma: Coconut

Calorie: Unknown

Where to Buy: Local Store

Website: One Twitter Blog

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