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If you work in a stressful environment or living in a stressful life, then this Neuro Bliss might be for you because according to Drink  Neuro, this is a delicious drink designed to enhance your mood, improves your memory, and eliminate stress without affecting your energy levels. Not sure by just drinking one bottle will work, but I thought I should give it a try because the Neuro Trim I tried tasted pretty good. If Neuro Bliss is perfect for anyone who wishes to reduce their anxiety, then this can be used for people who are nervous during interviews, robbery, dating, public speaking, exams, and meet the parents.

Upon twisting the uniquely design cap, there’s a lightly sweetened soda like scent coming out from the bottle and it was refreshing too. The color of this healthy beverage looks similar to soy milk that you see on the supermarket shelves and with similar texture as well. The taste for the first couple sips were close to diet soda with a bit of recognizable sweet lychee flavor. As you drink more, it appears you could only taste the sweet taste, but as your mouth processes the drink, there’s a subtle sour taste at the end of your tongue. The sweetness is definitely tastes different than other beverage that has sweet taste because the use of crystalline fructose. After drinking half bottle of Neuro Bliss, the taste was still as fresh as the first time you tried. There’s no aftertaste in this drink that you would normally find in other functional drinks. By the way,not only the carbonation in this healthy beverage makes it fun to drink, but also adds a crisp effect to the taste.

For health benefits, it is for adults only and you shouldn’t be drinking this beverage if you are pregnant or nursing. This Neuro Bliss contains 35 calories and 9g of sugar for each 14.5 fl oz bottle. The supplements that will help you to enhance mood, improves memory, increase ability to handle stress, regulates mood and improves circulation are Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Phenylalanine, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, L-Theanine, Elutherococcus Senticosus, Rhodiola Rosea, and Ginkgo Biloba. As I have mentioned before, they used crystalline fructose as sweetener for the beverage. Other ingredients used for this beverage are: thiamin HCL, folate, malic acid, riboflavin, etc.

Overall, I like this Neuro Bliss even thought I didn’t feel any effects after drinking it. I was hoping that Neuro Bliss will bring me to the stress free land, but I guess one bottle couldn’t tell the difference or maybe I should have tried this drink under extreme stress. I’m looking forward to try the rest Neuro functional beverages. I hope they will give me the same impression as this one.


Price: $1.99

Size: 14.5 Fl OZ / 430ml

Flavor: Lychee

Aroma: Lightly Sweetened Diet Soda

Calories: 35

Where to buy:  Store

Website:   DrinkNeuro Twitter Facebook


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    Hello I need to know, do your drinks contain caffiene? Even any natural caffeines? This is important for me to know. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thank You Much! Darlene


  • Crystal

    Some of the Neuro drinks do have caffeine, as for this one it doesn’t say caffeine but i don’t know what other names it may go by.



    P.S. i was feeling stressed and a bit depressed, and this did make me feel quite a bit better. i’m impressed by the 2 i have tried, which are the Neuro Sonic and Bliss.


  • Rachel

    I love these, but why are they so freaking expensive ._. I would buy them more, if I didn’t have to empty my wallet!


  • Kevin

    Wow, trying to read that review made my head hurt…

    The Neuro flavors I have tried are quite good, so I imagine I would enjoy all of their flavors.


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