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There are many beverages out there that serve different purpose for consumers, but who would thought of a beverage for gamers. Well, I received a box of four different gamer soda flavors from Gamer for review and I was so excited that I wanted to try it right away because I’m a gamer too but not that hard core. The design of each bottle looks a lot like beer bottles and the color of each label is quite interesting because it’s catchy and original. Not sure if this really helps you to stay in the game , but now it’s tasting time and let the game begin!

Grape Flavor

Upon opening the bottle cap with my tooth, there’s a grape scent coming out and it’s pretty refreshing. The scent is not heavy at all but you can still clearly recognize the grape aroma and it reminds me of some grape wines or champing that I had before. For the first couple sips, it was quite good because I haven’t taste anything like it before. The color and the texture makes my friends think that I was drinking water while playing video games. It is not sweet at all and it’s perfect for those who are not into sweet beverages. As you drink more and more, the grape flavor starts to catch up, but still not as recognizable as the grape smell. Is it because of the artificial flavor? The aftertaste for this soda is that it leaves dryness in your mouth like some other soda.

Cherry Flavor

The aroma coming out from the bottle is pretty strong and it’s very refreshing especially if you cool the drink before you open it. For the first few sips, you couldn’t taste the cherry flavor but a crisp sweet taste with sparkling water. The sweet taste does not stay long in your mouth after you drink down the liquid because of the pure cane sugar and the sweetness of this gamer soda is not overly sweetened. After a while, the cherry flavor taste starts to grow on you, but the cherry flavor is not heavy as other cherry flavor sodas that I had before. Also, it is the opposite of the aroma where the scent is much stronger than the taste. Even thought it’s not the pure cherry flavor, but its close enough. One thing I like is that you don’t get turned off by the strong scent and it just makes you want to drink more and more. The aftertaste is same as the grape flavor.

Citrus Flavor

The citrus scent coming out from the bottle was just like the other previous two where it’s strong and refreshing. My first reaction to the aroma was that it’s going to be a Sprite drink or similar. However, after first couple sips, it did taste similar to Sprite but not as strong as Sprite citrus flavor and it is more close to the diet Sprite in terms of the flavor. The carbonation is definitely more than what sprite has and the taste of the sweetness was much crisper than Sprite. After chucking down half bottle of Gamer soda, the flavor taste leans toward a bit bitter taste and citrus flavor kind of lost the touch. If you stop continuously sipping for a bit and then go back to the drinking it, you will start to sense the citrus flavor again. The sweetness is totally different from Sprite because of the sugar and other ingredients and citrus flavor has the same aftertaste as the other two flavors.

Orange Flavor

I’m surprised the aroma coming out of this flavor is a bit lighter than the previous three flavors, but it’s still refreshing. After couple sips, it seems the orange flavor they got is from the orange skin because of this sharp and crisp taste. The flavor did not stay long in your mouth because of the pure cane sugar and it has this bitter taste to it after you chuck down half bottle. Even thought the orange taste is lighter than previous three flavors, but it’s still tasty. Also, the sweet taste become more dominate because of the light orange flavor and it creates more of sugar water kind of taste with slightly touch of orange flavor. The orange flavor becomes an add-on or extra feature as they call it in building software.  It loses its main focus and the core value of this soda. Again, the after taste is all the same as previous ones.

As for health benefits from drinking gamer soda, I think it would probably be the taste because if you love the taste, then you will be happy and happiness is something that everyone wants to get. As you can see from the picture, each game flavor has zero gram of fat, 40gm of sodium, and 1.5mg of Vitamin B-1 for every gamer soda bottle. However, Gamer sodas orange and grape flavor has 168 calories , 42g of sugar and 42g of total Carb each, where Gamer soda cherry and citrus flavor only has 148 calories, 37g of sugar and 37g of total Carb each. The Gamer uses pure cane sugar for all their four flavors. As for natural flavor ingredient, only the grape flavor used artificial flavor where other three used natural flavor. Also, all of them contain vitamin B-1.

I have a question about the caffeine because on the Gamers soda website it says “we blended a kick of caffeine to pure cane sugar” and on the bottle it says “Caffeine Free.” So, there’s caffeine or no caffeine in the soda? Anyway, I love watching all the bubbles coming to the top of the drink every time I’m having a sip. For me, my favorite flavor would be the orange flavor because it’s more unique in terms of the taste. It’s very different from other orange flavored soda that I have tried in the past and I love oranges. I would suggest to add some colors to the soda because it will help gamers to get more involved in the game. Another suggestion for more market would be to sell them at the parties or places where people usually hang out because there’s always a game going on in terms of meeting new people. By drinking Gamer, it might help them to stay in the game or else like they said, “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.”

Thank you for sending the Gamer Soda!

Price:  Review

Size:  12 Fl OZ / 355ml

Flavor:  Grape, Orange, Cherry, Citrus

Aroma:  Grape, Orange, Cherry, Citrus

Calories:  168 and 148

Where to buy:  Store

Website:  Gamer Facebook

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