Dr Pepper Made With Real Sugar Limited Edition


Dr Pepper, the oldest soft drink brand in the America is celebrating their 125 years (1885 – 2010) of providing unique flavors to the American people. Earlier in July, Dr Pepper introduced their special 125 years anniversary retro looking soda that’s made with real sugar to the market and it comes with six different can designs. The Cans feature old logos and colorful designs with well known phrases like “I’m a Pepper.” Since this is limited, collect all 6 cans while it lasts.

Upon lifting the opener, there’s a strong sugar sweetened aroma coming out from the can with a subtle of vanilla scent touch to it. The color of this Dr Pepper is dark brownish and it’s just like the other Pepsi or Coca Cola soda that you see everyday. The texture is very similar to other soda brands that I’ve mentioned above as well. But this “I’m a Pepper” has fewer carbonation than regular Dr Pepper.  As for the first couple sips, the taste was refreshing, smooth and easy to drink. Not sure what kind of sugar they used, but it tasted sort of dark brown sugar that people use for cooking. Also, there’s definitely a hint of vanilla in the taste. As you drink more, there’s a bitterness kind of feeling in your mouth after you processed the soda. The aftertaste for this Dr Pepper with real sugar leaves strong dryness in your mouth.

For this I’m a Pepper soda, contains 150 calories, 40g of sugar, 40g of carbs and 55mg of sodium. The ingredients that they used to make this Dr Pepper beverage are: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Caramel color, Phosphoric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sodium Benzoate, and Caffeine. As for caffeine, there’s no amount indicated on the can.

Over all, this Dr Pepper made with real sugar is not bad, but personally I like the current Dr Pepper flavors and tastes. Even though the can design looks pretty and it’s limited edition, but the taste is just not there. One thing I’ve noticed is that the scent lasts quite long in the can because before I was going to throw them out after few days, I went back to smell it again and the aroma was still there.


Price:  $5.99  For 12 Packs

Size:   12 FL OZ/355ml Each Can

Flavor:  Sweet Vanilla

Aroma:    Sweet

Calories:  150 Each Can

Where to buy:  Local Supermarket

Website: Dr Pepper Facebook Twitter Youtube


  • martymankins

    I found two 12 packs of this in my local Smith’s grocery store last year. Loved it. I wished I could have found more as I wanted the can logo that you have above in the video.

    They really just need to do what Pepsi has done recently and just make a permanent version of the real sugar Dr Pepper.


  • clay

    I agree with you Marty, they need to make it permanent like Pepsi, times are changing, people want natural sodas, back to the way they used to be. I bought 8 twelve packs about 5 or 6 months ago, and I’m down to my last 3 sodas! Hoping for a miracle I keep checking the stores, checking online to see if there is any news, but none yet.


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