Different Ways to Enjoy 2010 FIFA World Cup Tournament


One of the world biggest and most popular sporting events is going to take stage in less than 24 hours. I’m talking about the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Whether you call it soccer or football, fans will be going crazy through out the games because the level of excitement that brings to them is unimaginable and you can only experience it once in four years. Now, the question is “How are you going to enjoy watching those games in a month long period?”  If you want more detail information on the tournament, just go to the end of this article.


Any sporting events whether it’s small or big, there’s always alcohol involved. It won’t be fun or excited without alcohols, but what if you’re a non-alcoholic person. Well, just drink what you usually drink. You can drink soda, tea, coffee or water. The excitement comes from the game, not from the drink. Besides, you are following the guide line “Drink Responsibly.” However, if you want to add a little bit more hype and get into the FIFA World Cup 2010 spirit, then you can drink beverages that contain a lot of sugar. By drinking non-alcoholic beverages, you can drink as much as you want whether it’s before the game, during the game or after the game. Man, it sounds like Gatorade G Premium series commercial. My point is that you can still cheer for your favorite team and get pumped while watching FIFA World Cup 2010 by drinking non-alcoholic drinks. For those who love alcohol, maybe you should try each countries famous alcohol beverage. Now, go pump it!


Now, this is not Superbowl where you eat chips, wings and burgers. You can still eat those, but this is FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament where 32 countries competing for one trophy. You’ve got to try the food from the country that you are cheering for. You get to taste different food every day since they have three games every day for the first half month of June and four games every day for the second half month of June. According to the World Cup Schedule, the first game kicks off between South Africa and Mexico on Friday June 11, 2010; you can try South African Bobotie lunch and Mexico Tostadas for snack. For those who love to cook, a good challenge would be to cook one dish from every country that’s involved in the Word Cup 2010. Eat Responsibly!


I’m pretty sure Sports bars and Coffee Shops throughout the country will be hosting special day and nights dedicated to the games of World Cup 2010 where every fan can enjoy this event. For those who like to watch the game with a large crowd, then those places are for you because they provide food, but not necessarily well. Also, they have great HD television and mostly the beer if you like alcohol. Since Sports bars are for public and things can be complicated sometimes, so try to stick with the bars’ rules and enjoy the game.

For those who like to stay at home, you can also watch the games online for free on some of the matches on ESPN3.com and your local channel ABC.  If you want to watch all the games, then you need other alternatives like Cable or Direct TV.  Also, you can follow the live news on your phone.

Now GO Support Your Team!


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