Diet Big Red Soda Drink


So far I have tried Big Red made with real sugar and the new Big Red Zero from Big Red’s product line. Both of them tasted some what different, but the essential Big Red flavor was there. Now, it’s time to taste the Diet Big Red. I’m assuming that it’s going to be similar to Big Red Zero since diet and zero are both pretty much the same. By the way, this Diet Big Red contains 37mg of caffeine.

diet big red soda drink

The aroma coming out from this Diet Big Red smelled the same as Big Red Zero and Big Red made with real sugar. All three of them got the similar lightly sweet bubble gum aroma. The color and texture for this Diet Big Red were also the same compared to the previous flavors that I’ve reviewed. As for the taste, the first sip tasted lightly sweet with subtle diet taste after you swallow down the sip. After couple more sips, it sort of tasted similar to the Big Red Zero, but the flavor wasn’t there yet. As you kept on sipping it, you could sense the signature Big Red flavor was not as strong as the regular Big Red and Big Red Zero. Also, the diet aftertaste was a bit strong and it kind of taken over the enjoyable Big Red flavor. After chugging down half of the drink, the Big Red flavor tasted bland and it wasn’t that pleasant to drink for the rest of it.

Diet Big Red Soda

The ingredients for this Diet Big Red Soda Drink include: Carbonated Water, Sucralose, Natural and Artificial flavors, Caffeine, Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Red 40, Malic Acid and Acesulfame Potassium. The coffee content: 37mg/12fl oz.

Diet Big Red Soda

Overall, if you are trying this Diet Big Red for the first time and you haven’t had any Big Red drinks before, then you will like this diet drink. If you had Big Red drinks before other than the diet flavor, then you might prefer the regular or the zero Big Red over this diet flavor. After trying three different Big Red drinks, I like the one that made with real sugar better than all others.


Price:  Sample

Size: 12 fl oz / 355ml

Calorie: zero

Flavor:  Diet

Where to buy:  Here

Websites:   Facebook  Twitter  Big Red

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  • Jeff Warren

    Although a long-time fan of Diet Big Red because I am a diabetic, I cannot drink Big Red Zero as it contains Phosphoric Acid. As a kidney dialysis patient phosphorus is strictly forbidden.


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