Deluxe Honeydrop Bee Calm Chamomile Tea Honey


Why is bee honey good for you? Well, bee honey contains a lot of vitamins, it might be good for your allergies, good for your skin and like they said “If you have a sore throat, take some honey.” If that’s’ the case, then Honeydrop could be the choice. According to deluxe Honeydrop, each of their products is USDA Organic Certified with each flavor handcrafted in small batches. Currently, they have Bee Good, Bee alive, Bee Calm, and Bee Strong flavors available for grab.

Honeydrop Bee Calm

The label design for this Deluxe Honeydrop Bee Calm is very clean and very attractive. However, the bottle they used is same as Honest Tea bottles. When you open the bottle for the first time, there’s a mild chamomile scent coming out from the bottle and it’s sort of like the aroma that you get from Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, there isn’t any sign of Tea and Honey from the bottle when you sniff it like a dog. The texture of this deluxe Honeydrop Bee Calm is similar to all the tea drinks that are out there selling on the shelves. As for the taste, the first couple sips tasted tasteless because of the amount of sugar added to the drink and the tea flavor wasn’t that recognizable either. It’s probably due to the mild scent of chamomile. As you drink more, the lightly sweet taste stars to appear after your mouth processes the drink and the tea flavor was still hard to sense it. The combination of tea and honey was some what balanced in this tea drink. After finishing half bottle, you star to get this slight earthy kind of feeling, but the drink itself was very easy to drink, smooth, refreshing and definitely enjoyable.

Honeydrop Bee Calm

This Deluxe  Honeydrop Bee Calm chamomile tea honey drink is USDA approved and there aren’t that many ingredients that make this tea drink: Purified Water, Real Organic Honey, Natural Flavor, Organic White Tea, Citric Acid and Chamomile Extract. It has about 10g of sugar and 80 calories per 16.9 fl oz bottle.

Honeydrop Bee Calm

Overall, I think this Honeydrop tea drink it pretty good. I’m looking forward to try their other flavors.


Price:  $1.67

Size:  16.9 FL OZ / 500mL

Flavor:  Lightly Sweet

Aroma:  Chamomile

Calories:  80

Where to buy:  Whole Foods Market

Website:  Honeydrop Facebook

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