Tea App For iPhone and iPod Touch From Teavana


There are many tea lovers out there and the number of people drinking tea is on the rise. May or may not be true that by drinking tea will give your body many health benefits, but if you are into tea or would like to gain more knowledge about tea, then Teavana is one of the tea iPhone and iPod Touch App for you because it helps you from tea steeping to tea blending. If you want to learn more about Tea in great details, then you can visit their website at www.teavana.com. The app has a great UI and provides a lot of useful features and information for users.

Teavana Tea App

Here’s the description provided by Teavana for their iPhone and iPod Touch app.


Make the perfect cup of tea with our Perfect Tea Touch App! It features everything you   need to blend and steep your favorite teas including a musical tea timer.


  • Tea timer with specific instructions for Teavana teas or generic tea instructions. Tea timer is a visual and musical delight offering unique sounds depending on which type of tea you are steeping.
  • Tea blender tool that suggests other teas to blend with your favorites. Great way to discover new tastes!
  • Detailed information on Teavana teas including ingredients, steeping instructions and health benefits.
  • Mark your favorite Teavana teas for quick access anytime.
  • Store locator that finds the Teavana stores nearest you.
  • Share your favorite tea blends on Facebook, Twitter or via email with friends.

The app tells you how hot the water should be and how long you should steep your tea for each different kind of teas, but it did not provide different methods on how you should brew the tea. There are many approaches or methods to brew the tea and if you didn’t brew it correctly, then you won’t be able to get the true taste out of it. Also, they didn’t mention if the tea is common or rare in each category. By the way, you can use the music in the Tea Timer to help you relax and put you to sleep. It’s better to taste the tea first in the store before you buy it and try it out for yourself.

Teavana Tea App

Teavana Tea App


Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch

Cost: Free

Rating: 5/5

Size: 6.9MB

Website: Teavana Twitter


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