Coca-Cola TaB Diet Soda Soft Drink


TaB! It is produced by Coca-Cola Company and it’s considered a diet cola soft drink. According to the Wikipedia, “Tab was introduced as a diet drink in 1963 and it has been reformulated several times. It was initially sweetened with cyclamate. After the F.D.A issued a ban on cyclamate in 1969, saccharin was used. In 1977, the FDA moved to ban saccharin. The ban proposal was rejected by the U.S. congress, but it did require that all products containing saccharin carry a warning label that saccharin may cause bladder cancer (a regulation eliminated in 2000).” More here

Coca Cola TaB

I like the design look on the can because it’s simple, unique and attractive and it looked a lot better than the TaB energy design. The Coke aroma coming out from the can wasn’t that strong compares to other Coke drinks after you open it for the first time. The color and texture are the same as other regular Coca Cola soda drinks. The taste wasn’t any different than the Diet Coke taste. Well, maybe a little bit sweeter than the diet coke. When your mouth processes the sip, it tasted sweet first, then end up with so called “diet taste” after you swallow it down. The drink itself was easy to drink, smooth and quite pleasant if you like the diet taste.

Coca Cola TaB

This TaB diet soda drink contains zero calories, but has 45mg caffeine in every 12 Fl Oz size can. The ingredients are: Carbonated water, Caramel Color, Natural Flavors, Phosphoric Acid, Calcium Saccharin, Potassium Benzoate (To protect Taste), Caffeine, and Aspartame. Also, Phenylketonurics: contains Phenylalanine, contains 7.9mg per 12 fl.oz. Saccharin, a non-nutritive, artificial sweetener.

Coca Cola TaB

After drinking this TaB, I’m just going to stick with the either diet coke or Coca-Cola Zero.  There’s not much difference in taste from those two flavors.


Price:  $.60

Size:  12 FL OZ /355ML

Flavor:  Diet Cola

Aroma:  Coca cola

Calories:  0

Where to buy:   Local Supermarket

Website:  Coca-Cola Facebook Twitter

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  • anthony dickey

    my mother in law drinks tab they told her they were not making it any more at krogers by the coke man we are trying to stock up having trouble finding it help


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