Chaio Kuo Natural Coconut Milk Drink


Coconut Milk Drink! You know the coconut milk is an ingredient used for cooking in some countries, but do you know where coconut milk comes from.  It’s derived from the flesh of the coconut, not the liquid inside the coconut where you can sip it out using a straw. The process of making coconut milk takes some work, but it’s not extremely difficult to make. Anyway, I found these Natural Coconut Milk Drinks from a local supermarket and it’s Made In Taiwan.

Chaio Kuo Natural Coconut Milk Drink

Upon opening the can, there’s a lightly sweetened creamy milk coconut aroma and it was some what refreshing. The scent smelled totally different than the popular coconut water drinks in the U.S. The color of this coconut milk drink looked like your regular milk drink that you get from your local supermarket and the texture was thick like the regular milk as well. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted lightly sweetened with lightly creamy milk flavor. The sweet taste wasn’t the same as the ones in the states. It’s less sweet and tasted more like a combination of cane sugar with artificial sweetener or MSG. The coconut flavor was light compares to the coconut water drinks in the states as well. When your mouth processes the sip, you first greeted by the light sweet taste with creamy milk flavor and then ended with coconut flavor after you swallow down the sip. The drink itself was smooth and pleasant to drink. As for the natural flavor, the creamy milk flavor kind of took it over. There’s no aftertaste besides leaving a line white mark on your lips.

Chaio Kuo Natural Coconut Milk Drink

The ingredients for Chaio Kuo Natural Coconut Milk Drink include: Water, Sugar, Coconut Milk and Natural Flavors. The amount of water used was 90.93%, Sugar 7%, coconut milk 2% and natural flavor0.07%. It contains 119 calories, 99mg of sodium, 3g of sugar.

Chaio Kuo Natural Coconut Milk Drink

Overall, I love the taste of this natural coconut milk drink and it would be better if the sweet taste was a bit like real sugar taste. If you like coconut milk drinks, then you might like this drink.


Price:  6 for $3.00

Size:   8.8 FL OZ / 250 ML

Aroma: Coconut Milk

Taste: Coconut Milk

Calories:  119

Where to buy:

Website:  Coconut Milk



  • alex

    Hi, Steve. I know it has been a while since you wrote this article. But please tell me where you purchased this drink. I cannot find anywhere, I am in Los Angeles, California, USA. Thank you.



    Check out the Chinese Supermarkets in Chinatown in your area. Good luck!


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