19 Sep 2011 | 0
Snapple Limited Edition Tea Will Be Loved Created by Maroon 5

She Will Be Loved to Tea Will Be loved! Snapple and Pop-Rock band Maroon 5 created an iced tea called Tea Will Be Loved in support of Feeding America. The flavor is a five-fruit mash-up based on each members of the band chosen flavor. This limited edition Tea Will Be Loved will help to provide meals to those who are in need. Also, it comes with gold Snapple caps with Real Facts about Maroon 5 …

15 Sep 2011 | 0
Freshly Brewed Plan Tea

New Flavors from Plan Tea!  Here’s the company overview, “We (Claire & Alex) were married in 2009 and decided to turn a 2-week “honeymoon” into a 12-month “honeymoon sabbatical”. Rather than return to the real jobs we once held in New York City, we headed south to Argentina and immersed ourselves in Spanish, Malbec and figuring out what the heck we wanted to do with our lives.
12 months later, we were back in the U.S. …

31 Aug 2011 | 3
Alexander’s Real Peach Tea

All Natural Peach Tea! The story behind the Real Tea, “Mom taught me well, “Alexander remember” she said, “Nothing tasted better than the real thing.” My Real Tea is made from fresh brewed tea leaves and nothing but the finest ingredients. Go ahead, take a sip and you’ll agree. The flavor of nature’s purity is a delight to the tasted buds. You’ll know it’s all natural, you’ll know “IT’S JUST BETTER” and I guarantee it. …

25 Aug 2011 | 0
Steaz Zero Calorie Iced Teaz Drinks

Zero Calorie Green Tea Drinks! I grabbed two Steaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz Drinks from Whole Foods Market the other day and it was on sale too. According to Steaz, “It is a family of flavorful, great-tasting, all-natural, organic and fair trade tea-based beverages. The essence of Steaz is that it allows you to discover a better way that is “good for the mind, body and soul”. This “better way” starts with only using the …

28 Jul 2011 | 0
AriZona New Half and Half Raspberry Iced Tea Lemonade Drink

New Half and Half Flavor Raspberry from AriZona!  According to AriZona, “Say  goodbye to the plain old combination of lemon and lime drinks. AriZona now squeezes in another element: delicious, refreshing iced tea as part of the latest exciting round of half & half lemonade drinks. With the addition of the premium brewed black tea, the taste is not too tart and not too sweet nor is it overly tea. It’s just right! You will …

27 Jul 2011 | 0
Plan Tea Freshly Brewed From Whole Tea Leaves

Tea Drinks! According to Plan Tea, “Teas that taste like tea! Our teas are lightly infused with organic ingredients, carefully selected to subtly complement the natural flavor of the tea leaves, not overpower them. That’s right – we infuse, we don’t flavor. This means we steep our tea leaves with the other ingredients. Meanwhile the other guys just add something called “natural (or worse – artificial!) flavoring.” Who knows what that is?”
Plan Tea: White Tea …

25 Jul 2011 | 0
Natural Brewed PALO Mamajuana Vitality Tea

Herbal Tea Supplement! I found this PALO Mamajuana tea drink in an organic food store and what caught my attention was the stylish design on the bottle label. Also, it reminds me of this game called Patapon by just looking at the design. According to PALO, “It’s a natural Vitality Tea that provides sustained energy and balance without caffeine. Mamajuana is a blend of healthy roots and herbs which was traditionally prepared as tea and …

13 Jun 2011 | 1
Honest CocoaNova From Honest Tea

Think you know Cocoa? Think again. I received three different flavors of Honest CocoaNova for sampling from Honest Tea and on each bottle, it prints “We start with Cacao (Ka-Kow) beans, the main ingredient in chocolate and brew them to make a light, satisfying drink that you can indulge in anytime –guilt free. With only 50 calories per bottle, you get a delicious pick-me-up with the antioxidants and theobromine naturally found in dark chocolate. ”

Honest …