10 Oct 2016 | 0
Red Fruit and Blue Fruit Teas from Snapple TEAcision 2016

Who won last night’s second presidential debate? Well, Snapple launched two new seasonal flavors – a Red Fruit Tea and a Blue Fruit Tea for this year’s presidential election. By just looking at both drinks, the only difference I could tell was the Red Fruit Tea contains small tea leaves at the bottom of the bottle and the other one did not. On the bottle label, it said “Issues and insults, nominees and name calling, …

7 Oct 2015 | 1
All Natural Snapple Fall Spice Tea

It’s that time of the year again! Everyone is coming out with Pumpkin spice related drinks but not with Snapple. On the drink bottle label, it says “Move over pumpkin spice, we’re introducing our newest seasonal flavor Fall Spice Tea. We blended sweet orange, rich spice notes and a hint of tart cranberry flavors with our delicious black tea. Fall in love at first sip with the Best Stuff on Earth.” This Fall Spice Tea …

21 Jul 2015 | 0
Unsweetened Honest Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea

Another humid day in New York City! Back in March, Honest Tea introduced three new products and one of them is called Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea. It’s a caffeine free zero calorie tea drink. On the bottle label it stated that “Our love of cinnamon led us to develop this herbal tea that tastes sweet without being sweetened. We blend organic cinnamon from Vietnam with rooibos (red tea) from South Africa. The result is a …

11 Jun 2015 | 0
All Natural Snapple Lady LiberTEA Drink

For a limited time only! I found this drink in a local supermarket while looking for other drinks. According to the Snapple website, it’s available in stores between May 1st through July 4th 2015. The drink is made of a blend of black tea with red raspberry, white peach and blueberry flavors.
Upon opening the bottle, there’s a strong peach aroma coming out from the bottle with slight hint of berry scent but not so much …

1 Jun 2015 | 0
Vitaminwater Vital-t lemon Iced Tea Drink

Do you drink Vitaminwater? The Coca-Cola Company introduced two new flavors of Vitaminwater: Vitamin Refresh and Vitamin Vital-t. The Refresh is a tropical mango flavored with other natural flavors drink and the Vital-t is a lemon iced tea flavored with other natural flavors drink. I got both of them from Stop&Shop and its available nationwide. I will review Vital-t first because they call it a nutrient enhanced tea beverage.
There’s a strong tea aroma coming out …

7 Mar 2015 | 0
Steaz Zero Calorie Goji Blackberry Iced Green Tea

Recently, I’ve received four samples of unique tasting flavors from Steaz to try out and these four new flavors: Lightly Sweetened Grapefruit Honey, Unsweetened Passion Fruit, Unsweetened Dragon Fruit and Zero Calorie Goji Blackberry. Now, Steaz is green tea based Beverage Company in the U.S. and their tea is organic. They also make energy drinks as well. The purpose with Steaz is to make the best tasting natural green tea beverage on the planet.
You could …

2 Mar 2015 | 0
Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea Lemonade

Couple of days ago, I tried the Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea Raspberry and it turned out not bad at all. Today I got to try their second flavor out of three from this Sparkling Iced Tea line and it called Lemonade. Just like the Raspberry, this flavor is also flavored with other natural flavor, 70 calories and 18g of sugar. However, this Lemonade comes with 1% of juice. Not sure it will make a big …

26 Feb 2015 | 0
Lipton Sparkling Iced Tea Raspberry Flavor

It looks like Lipton is moving into the soda territory with introducing a new line of tea drinks called Sparkling Iced Tea. This new line comes with three flavors: Lemonade, Raspberry and Peach. It’s flavored with other natural flavors according to the label on the can and each can come with 70 calories. Well, I found two of this lightly carbonated tea infused drinks at the Walgreen store today.
There’s a lightly Raspberry aroma coming out …