15 Oct 2014 | 0
Organic Low Calorie Veri Cola Soda

I went to an organic food store the other day and I saw this organic cola soda on the shelf. I asked myself, is this for real? Well, according to Veri, “Remember a time when soda wasn’t a four-letter word? Before corn syrup replaced cane sugar and chemicals became “acceptable” substitutes for real ingredients? Those were the days when soda was a more innocent treat. We do. And we’ve spent years crafting a soda that’s …

3 Oct 2014 | 0
Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

This is a non-alcoholic natural butterscotch cream soda and the drink has no connection with Harry Potter Butter Beer. Maybe the package design misleads people to believe that because of the Flying Cauldron. According to REED’s website, “Our Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer is a magical refreshment that continues to be prized for its creamy vanilla and butterscotch flavors.”

The color of this Cream Soda looked just like an ordinary beer that you drink every day and …

1 Oct 2013 | 0
Taco Bell Mountain Dew Distortion Freeze

MTN Dew Distortion is back! It’s available at Taco Bell as a Freeze along with MTN Dew Typhoon Freeze.  How does it taste comparing to the regular bottled Distortion? Well, the Distortion Freeze didn’t taste anything different in the beginning and I thought it was just a regular mountain dew drink. Also, according to the Taco Bell’s website, “The Mtn Dew® Distortion Freeze is a refreshing frozen soft drink with the flavor and energy of …

20 May 2013 | 0
Meet the Rickeys from Drink AriZona

Last year, Arizona introduced Cherry Lime Rickey based on the result of their “The 20th Anniversary” contest and it was the first Arizona beverage that was created by their fan. The beverage was sold exclusively at 7-Eleven stores.  I guess the fans like the beverage so much that Arizona decided to come out more flavors for the Rickey and it’s not just one flavor but three more are added to the Rickey’s line. If you …

19 May 2013 | 0
New AriZona Chocolate Fudge Float Sparkling Soda Drink

Chocolate Fudge Float is back! Recently, AriZona has resurrected its Chocolate Fudge Float drink from the past with new ingredient and new can design.  This sparkling soda drink is made with Bosco Chocolate Syrup and it only contains 50 calories per serving.  According to AriZona, “A blast from the past! AriZona new and improved chocolate Fudge Float Soda, a slightly carbonated, chocolate-based soda, is back on the market. We even got skinny at 50 calories …

5 Nov 2012 | 4
New Pepsi X Factor Limited Edition Dragonfruit Flavored Cola

Another new flavor drink from Pepsi and this time is Dragonfruit flavored cola. How did they come up with this flavor? Well, according to the Gillette Pepsi cola website, “ This spring Pepsi joined “THE X FACTOR” on its national audition tour and asked fans, contestants and judges to help select the “Pepsi with The X Factor.” More than 14,000 participants sampled four mystery Pepsi flavors and voted to select which one would become the …

17 Sep 2012 | 0
Mr. Cola Since 1949

There are so many cola beverages in the market today, but do you know which one is good and which one is not? Well, you can’t go wrong with vintage soda pops right? “Celebrating 50 years, Mr. Cola is affectionately known as the “Aristocrat of Colas”. The authentic cola flavor, pure cane sugar and caffeine are blended for 24 hours to ensure full flavor potential. Enjoy a Mr. Cola –Ice cold.” Why Mr. Cola?

Upon busting …

25 Jun 2012 | 1
Sierra Mist Natural Strawberry Kiwi Splash

Made with real sugar and caffeine free! The newest flavor Strawberry Kiwi Splash from Sierra Mist was launched couple weeks ago. It’s primarily a lemon-lime soda with natural flavors. There are no artificial additives or preservatives in the ingredients. By the way, Sierra Mist Natural is a product of Purchase, N.Y based Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages.

Upon busting the cap, there’s a lightly sweetened strawberry aroma coming out from the 2 liter bottle and it smelled …