2 Oct 2014 | 0
New Monster Energy Ultra Black Drink

The 7-Eleven exclusive New Monster Energy Ultra Black! Unleash the Ultra Beast! I’ve tried every Ultra flavors so far: Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Monster Energy Ultra Blue, Monster Energy Ultra Red and now the Ultra Black. In the back of the can, it indicates that it’s a black cherry flavored drink. “Get it while the getting’s good…” I heard there will be another flavor coming out soon and it’s called Ultra Sunrise. It will be …

16 Apr 2014 | 0
7-Eleven Exclusive Vitaminwater Energy Raspberry Citrus Drink

I stopped by 7-Eleven stores again today and found this exclusive Vitminwater Energy Raspberry Citrus drink. On the can, “Natural energy boost from green coffee bean extract, lightly carbonated, natural sweeteners & natural flavors, excellent source of vitamins B5, B6, B12 & C, no added preservatives & no sodium.”

The aroma coming out from the can was strong right after you open it and it did smelled similar to Raspberry fruit.  The color and texture were …

11 Jan 2014 | 0
Monster Energy Ultra Red Drink

I’ve tried Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Monster Energy Ultra Blue and now the Monster Energy Ultra Red. Zero(White), Blue, Red?  On the can it says, “Change can be a good thing when you make the most of it… like those endless summers working mindless jobs. They pay just enough to survive (party), but somehow you save enough for that last road trip before starting “real life.” Sweet, Sweet, Summer time, summer time.”

There’s a refreshing raspberry …

9 Sep 2013 | 0
Knockout Energy Drinks – Come Get Some!

Premium Energy Drink at a Non-Premium Price! Couple days ago, I received two boxes of Knockout Energy drinks for review.  According to their PR, “Knockout Energy was launched in 2009 by Matt Holeman. His intention was to create a premium tasting energy drink at a non-premium price. The product line consists of 5 flavors in 16 ounces cans: Original, Punch, Monkey Punch, Low Carb Original and Low Carb Punch. Each 16 ounces can only sell …

9 Sep 2013 | 0
Be Skinny Appetite Control

Help suppress your appetite! Two years ago, I received two samples of Be Happy mood booster from Health Guard Wellness for tasting and couple days ago I received their Be Skinny Appetite Control juice drink. The flavor is all natural, fat-free, and its Pineapple Cranberry flavor. It’s supposed to help you to reduce cravings and compulsive eating.  It is considering a dietary supplement and on the bottle label says “These statements have not been evaluated …

8 Feb 2012 | 1
Code Blue Peach Mandarin

A Cross-Functional Super Drink! Revive! Restore! Recovery! I picked up a Code Blue Peach Mandarin beverage from a local 7-Eleven store the other day. I was attracted by the overall design on the PET bottle and the fruit flavors that it comes with. On the bottle it says, “Code Blue goes beyond hydration by replacing vital nutrients and fluids your body loses every day to help you feel revived. Code Blue can be enjoyed anytime …

6 Feb 2012 | 0
Solixir Sparkling Botanical Beverage

Couple of days ago, I received a package from Solixir for sampling their all natural functional beverages. Solixir was started under “Being a health-conscience person, it always bothered me that it was hard to find an all-natural, functional drink that matched my lifestyle. Most options had too many artificial ingredients or too much sugar. I knew there could be a better choice, so I decided to turn my vision into reality with solixir.” The function …

5 Jul 2011 | 0
YouTonics the Liquid that Literally Refreshes Your Body

I received two samples of YouTonics Collagen Protein drinks for tasting the other day in a beautifully wrapped gift basket. According to YouTonics, “It’s a 100% highly digestible collagen protein replacement supplement. It also contains all the essential amino acids, making it a complete source of protein.” YouTonics has no fat, no sugar, low Carbs, lactose free and gluten free.

You Tonics Melonsplash Boost Concentrated Nutritional Supplement
The moment you open the bottle, there’s a strong unpleasant …