Cascal Fine Dry Handcrafted All Natural Soda Drink


Some of you probably already know what Cascal is and for those who don’t, it’s a handcrafted all natural delicious soda drink that was born in France and now they are being soda through out the US. I think they are trying to bridge the gap between fine wines and soft drinks, just like the Russian Kvass that was imported by Coca Cola not long ago. Cascal soda was created by a special fermentation method to produce its own unique taste. According to, it pairs very well with cherry pie and blue Cheese. Since I do not have either one, I can’t verify them.

Cacal Natural Soda Fine DryUpon opening the cap with my teeth, the aroma coming out from the bottle smells just like the beer you drink every day and the scent is pretty strong too. After you sniff it for awhile, you mind will get more convinced that it will be an alcohol drink, but in reality it’s not. The texture and the color of the soda looked exactly like the Corona or Heineken when you pour out the soda. The first couple sips tasted weird and as for the notes of Cherry, Apple and Anise, Apple and Anise are definitely recognizable, but not sure about cheery note. This soda drink is not sweet at all, nor sour; it gives you the feeling of drinking beer and the more you drink, the more feeling of drinking beer you will get. The aftertaste wasn’t as bad as Corona or Heineken.

Cascal Natural Soda Fine Dry

This Fine Dry all natural soda drink is 100% natural and it doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives. It’s a delicious blend of fermented juice, fermented malt and plant extracts according to Also, it doesn’t contain any alcohols or caffeine. The ingredients for this soda drink includes: Apple juice from concentrate, Sparkling Water, Fermented Barley Malt, and Natural Flavors. It contains 37% of juice and 80 calories. Not sure why there’s no cherry included in the ingredient where on the label says note of Cherry.

Cascal Natural Soda Fine Dry

Overall, in a way this soda drink is similar to the Russian Kvass because both of them are fermented soda drinks. If I have to really pick one, personally I would pick this one because it’s more acceptable to my taste and at least there’s some identifiable flavors.  I suggest to those who haven’t try it yet, give it a try!


Price:  $1.50

Size:  11.15 FL OZ / 330mL

Flavor:  Fermented

Aroma:  Beer

Calories:  80

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  Cascal Twitter Facebook

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