Caffeine Free Citrus Burst Diet Squirt


Apart from drinking Coke Cola, I thought I should try other soda and see if there are other good flavor taste sodas out there. So, I just grabbed a Diet Squirt soda from a local supermarket store because the canned bottle design looks very attractive and thinking that the taste should be as good as the design. However, it is not the case and you will see why when I explain it later. By the way, this soda came out long time ago and wondering how come it didn’t catch my attention after all these years.

Upon opening the canned bottle, there’s a strong citrus aroma coming out of the can. It tastes sweet and there’s burst in the mouth when you drink it. The burst is coming from the carbonated water and you can’t tell if its natural flavor or not even though it says natural flavor on the can. Man, after few sips, the gas already coming up. The aftertaste is not that awful with the exception of feeling dry in your mouth. It definitely tasted different than all the previous diet sodas that I’ve tried.

Overall, this diet soda is not for me because of the taste. I should just try another different diet soda next time or just stick with cola. This drink contains less than 1% juice and very low sodium. For those who have high blood pressure should watch out for sodium intakes. Diet Squirt has 35 MG or less per 240ML (8 FL OZ) can. It also contains Aspartame, Preservatives, Modified food starch, Phenylketonurics and other elements. There isn’t much I can talk about for this drink because it makes me want to squirt it all out after drinking it. If you like weird tastes or anything that is soda, then you should definitely try this diet soda.


Price: $0.50

Size:  12 FL OZ   355mL

Flavor:  Citrus

Smell:  Lemon Lime

Nutrition:  Diet

Where:  C-Town


  • HSL

    I guess you get what you paid for…


    Milton Mack

    Hi we are trying to find where we can buy Diet Squirt. We are located in Ocala Florida zip 34476. Can you help us?

    Milton mack



    You can try the STop and Shop store


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