C2O Pure Coconut Water


Here’s another Coconut Water beverage! Coconut water beverages are every where these days. Anyway, C2O Pure Coconut Water is 100% natural, fat free and unsweetened. The can looked exactly the same as the Amy & Brain Coconut Juice with different graphic design on it. The difference from other brand coconut water beverage is that “100% pure C2O comes from young, green coconuts from an especially fragrant and tasty type that’s unique to the proprietary groves we harvest. These coconuts are a fresh water varietal that yields a more delightful taste than the salty flavor that accompanies more commonly used coastal coconuts,” according to C2O Pure Coconut Water.

C2O Pure Coconut Water

Upon opening the can, the aroma coming out from it was some what light compares to other coconut water beverage brands. The color and the texture were both similar to other brands as well with the exception of a thin dust like layer on top of the drink after you pour it into a placeholder. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted lightly sweet coconut water with no other hint flavors. It’s smooth and very pleasant to drink from the start. It’s not salty at all and it didn’t taste like it contains any preservatives. The flavors were well balanced between coconut water and the sweet taste. After chugging down half bottle of the drink, the taste remains the same and it was just as good as your first sip. The flavor did not stack up in your tongue and there was no aftertaste except craving for more. The only ingredient is 100% natural coconut water.

C2O Pure Coconut Water

Overall, the taste was great and this one is probably ranked in the top five of all the coconut water beverages that I’ve tried in the past. Also, it contains slightly less sodium and potassium than other coconut water beverages. There are many other coconut water brands available and I hope I will find the taste to be better or close to this one.  If you could find it, you might want to give it a try.
C2O Pure Coconut Water


Price:  $1.89

Size:   17.5 Fl oz / 520ml

Flavors:  Coconut water

Calorie:  100

Where to buy:  Here

Website:  C2O Coconut Water  Facebook

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