Borba Clarifying Pomegranate Skin Balance Water


Found this drink in a small coffee shop while getting a bagel. The design of the bottle caught my attention because it’s simple, unique and elegant. I thought it was a hair spray product by looking at the design for the first time. Anyway, the label “Skin Balance Water” and the color of the drink makes you to think that it’s an actual skin care product that you use everyday and I was having doubts whether I should purchase it or not after staring at it for couple seconds. Well, it is designed to promote clearer and healthier looking skin. So why not give a drinkable beauty a try.


Upon opening the unique designed bottle cap, you can smell a very light sweet milky like aroma coming out from the bottle if you sniff hard enough and it reminds me of those milk candies that I used to have when I was little. The moment I had the first sip, my reaction was “Hmm.., it’s a diet drink.” After couple more sips, you can’t tell if the pomegranate flavor is in there because the taste is sweet in the beginning and then it tastes sour after you swallow down the liquid. As you drink more and more, the sourness in this drink starts to dominate over the sweetness. the liquid is not very thick and it’s easy to drink. Also, it’s not that refreshing, but kind of tasty. The aftertaste is similar to all other diet drinks.


It is designed to “combat oily skin, clogged pores and impurities.” Also, it is calorie free, no preservatives, sodium free, zero grams of Carbs and aspartame free. Well, there are many more key elements to help your skin. Look the picture below.


The taste for this drink is not bad and obviously it’s not going to help your skin to recover by just drinking one bottle. I bought this drink was out of curiosity and turns out not disappointing or felt wasted money on it. Well, for those who wants to give it a try and see if your skin will change then I wish you the best luck. There are other flavors out there from Bobra, but it’s just too expensive for skin water. I know you might want to argue that Starbucks coffees are also around that price, but the Starbucks coffee gives you the result faster.


Price:  $4.00

Size:  16 FL OZ   473ml

Flavor:  Pomegranate

Aroma:  light Sweet milky like scent

Nutrition:  Vitamin A, C, E, B3, B6 and B12

Calories:  Zero Calories

Where:  Local Supermarket

Website:, Borba Skin Water, Twitter, Facebook


  • Scott-Vincent Borba

    Thanks for the great feature. I usually don’t personally respond to any of the web or press mentions, but I wanted to say thank you for stopping, trying it, giving your great feedback and letting me know that my beverage sales force needs to let my retailers know that the retail price should be at $2.99 per bottle. The more volume and distribution I achieve, I pass right to the consumer, so expect to see a better price and better skin quickly in the near future! Try it for a week. It worked for me, that’s why I created it!

    Scott-Vincent Borba
    Creator and Celebrity Esthetician



    Scott, thanks for stopping by! you’ve created a very unique product and I can’t wait for better price, better skin and even better flavors in the near future!


  • Alpha

    I bought the skin water balance yesterday at War green, the one made of Lychee fruits. drink it, less 5mins got major allergic reaction all over my body!! the itching and swelling, used Wal-dryl medicine, it’s just comes it down for a while then the itch and swelling started again. Now I am real scaring they are telling me to go to the ER and I don’t have any insurance!! Not a good product at all!!


  • Megan

    I used to drink this daily. Came across it at the gas station by my house. They were 2 for $3.00. I always got 2 and had the other one the next day. After a couple weeks I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I was so sad when they didn’t have any and said they weren’t getting anymore. I went online to find where I could buy it and saw it was discontinued but found some crystalline packets on ebay and bought them. I still keep checking to see if maybe it came back but sadly it never has. 😢😢


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