Blue Monkey Pure Coconut Water


It was sizzling hot out side in New York City! I stopped by whole Foods Mart and picked up a Blue Monkey Coconut water drink. I have tried couple different coconut water brands like ZICO, Vita CoCo and O.N.E in the past and they were some what different in each taste. I hope this Blue Monkey coconut water will not disappoint me either. I’m wondering how they came up with Blue Monkey name for coconut water. To me, the name is more suitable for an energy drink or alcohol beverages.

Blue Monkey Coconut Water

The packaging for this Blue Monkey coconut water is some what attractive because of the fresh coconut image. One thing that’s missing from the picture is probably a blue monkey drinking coconut water. Upon opening the can, there’s not so much of coconut water aroma coming out from the can and it’s hardly recognizable at all. The color and texture of this Blue Monkey Coconut Water seems to be same as other coconut water drinks and of course we re talking about coconut water with out pulps. As for the taste, the first couple sips tasted just as other coconut water drinks that I had tried in the past. There’s no stand out distinguishable difference between other coconut water brands. As you drink more or sip more what ever you want to call it, you could start to sense the freshness of this Blue Monkey Coconut water. Also, it tasted clean, smooth and pleasant to drink. The flavor was perfectly balanced between, sugar, salt and coconut waster. There’s no aftertaste for this Blue Monkey.

Blue Monkey Coconut Water

The ingredients for this Blue Monkey Pure Coconut Water includes:  100% Coconut Water, 100% Eau de Noix De Coco on a 2,000 Calorie Diet. Also, it’s Isotonic from natural ingredients, Contains electrolytes for Positive Nutrition, provides effective hydration, no sugar or artificial sweetener added, no preservatives, and contains potassium. It has 76 calories, 40mg sodium and 290mg potassium.

Blue Monkey Coconut Water

Overall, the taste wasn’t that bad and it’s another good alternative if you can’t find what you are looking for or craving for coconut water. For those who haven’t tried it yet, you might want to give this Blue Monkey a chance and see if you like it. By the way, coconut water drinks are every where now days.


Price:  $1.00

Size:  11.2 FL OZ / 330 ml

Aroma: Coconut

Flavor:  Coconut Water

Calorie:  76

Where to buy:  Whole Foods Market

Website:  BlueMonkey Facebook Twitter


  • ali davis

    I just tasted this Blue, ouch I would call this pure …. such a nasty aftertaste it ruined my night and my date cause I got such a farting stomach ace


  • Angela Ward

    I am overseas, can you send this item to APO AE 09352. I love the taste and would like to drink this while I am there.


  • Leslie E.

    Best coconut water I’ve tasted. Delicious, no aftertaste. Just chill it, and shake it well. Drink it cold you will want more.


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