Bionade Soda Ginger Orange Refreshment Drink


The unique non-alcoholic refreshment drink, Bionade! This soda drink is a produced and manufactured by a German company based in Ostheim. The drink itself is produced through a completely organic fermentation process. Bionade acts isotonically and refreshes in a special way. It’s delicately tart and fruity. Current flavors are:  Elderberry, Lychee, Herbs, Ginger-Orange and whether you drink it straight from the bottle or over ice, you will get the refreshing experience.

Bionade Soda

Upon popping off the lid, there’s a lightly carbonated orange scent coming out from the bottle with a subtle ginger aroma. The color of the soda is orange and the texture is clean, smooth and clear. Also, there’s a lot of carbonation that you can see when you pour it out into a cup. The first couple sips tasted very bland and it was kind of similar to the diet sodas. I guess all fermented soda drinks tasted like this. After couple more sips, it actually tasted pretty smooth, clean and refreshing. The ginger flavor was never sensible after drinking half of the soda, but the orange flavor was a bit more recognizable than the ginger flavor. Also, there’s no sweet taste in this refreshment drink, but the sour taste was way too obvious and overly sour. However, after you finish the whole bottle, the after taste was actually better than other fermented soda drinks.

Bionade Soda

The ingredient for this Bionade organic non-alcoholic refreshment drink includes:  Water, Sugar, Barley Malt 2%, Natural Ginger Extract, Carbonic Acid, Acid regulars:  Calcium Carbonate and magnesium sulfate Natural Flavoring, organic farming. It contains 60 calories for this 11.6 fl z bottle, Calcium 6%, Magnesium 8%. This unique non-alcoholic refreshment drink made by the fermentation of natural raw maters (Malt, water).

Bionade Soda

Overall, I think this organic non-alcoholic drink is not bad at all. I have had couple fermented related drinks before (France Cascal, Russian Kvass). I understand that they are trying to bridge the gap between fine wines and soft drinks. This refreshment drink is actually pretty comparing to the Cascal and Kvass. I can’t wait to try their other flavors. My suggestion would be to add bit sweetness to it.


Price: $.99

Size:  11.6 FL OZ / 330mL

Flavor: Ginger Orange

Aroma:   Orange

Calories:  60

Where to buy: Supermarkets

Website: Facebook Twitter Bionade

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