Big Red Made With Real Sugar


A couple of days ago, I tasted the New Big Red Zero Calorie and it wasn’t that bad. This time I’m going to taste the Big Red drink made with real sugar. This Retro Big Red with pure cane sugar instead of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) was introduced back in July of 2010 and it gives the younger generation a chance to taste the real Big Red taste that was remembered by many folks back in the days.

Big Red Made With Real Sugar

Upon busting the cap, there’s a similar bubble gum like aroma coming out from the bottle and there’s no sign of strawberry scent in the drink. The color of this drink was obvious red and the texture was the same as other regular soda drinks that you chug everyday. As for the taste, the first couple sips tasted so sweet that it was difficult to detect the flavor. After couple more sips, you could sense the bubble gum like flavor with sweet taste. Also, the sweet taste wasn’t that bad after you got used to it. The taste was clean and easy to drink. After chugging down half of the bottle, the sweetness adds up a bit and there’s a subtle medicine kind of taste that comes with it. The aftertaste was just a bit of sweet dryness taste and I couldn’t imagine how the aftertaste would be like if it was HFCS. Also, since it contains caffeine, there was a subtle hyper-ness feeling after chugging down the whole bottle of Big Red Made with real sugar or retro Big Red with Real Sugar.

Big Red Made With Real Sugar

The ingredients for this Big Red Made with Real Sugar include: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural & Artificial flavor, Red 40, Citric Acid and Caffeine. It contains 150 calories, 30mg of sodium, 38g of sugar and 38mg of caffeine.

Big Red Made With Real Sugar

Overall, the taste was great and very pleasant to drink. I didn’t expect to be that good after I’ve tried the Big Red Zero Calorie. Since I’ve only tried Big Red Zero before, I will pick this one over the Zero calorie any day, any place, and any time. Next, I will try the Diet Big Red drink. Once again, thanks for sending the samples Big Red!

Retro Big Red, 12 Ounce (Pack of 24 Bottles)


Price: Sample

Size: 12 fl oz / 355ml

Calorie: 150

Where to buy:  Here

Websites:  Big-Red  Facebook   Twitter


  • Sergio Sanchez

    Can someone help me locate Big Red in a bottle that says made with real sugar? I bought a bottle in the Rio Grand Valley and would like to know where to purchase it in Houston TX.



    Rudys bbq



    7 Eleven gas stations


  • Sierra

    You might try a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. That is where I found a 4 pack of bottles.
    Good Luck! The original Big Red in the bottles was the best!
    Ah… the memories Big Red brings back.


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