Beluga Finest Quality Noble Russian Vodka


This is for those who can drink legally and likes to drink Vodka or just like to consume alcohol. Couple days ago, I received a bottle of Russian Vodka called Beluga for tasting. According to the PR, “Beluga is the number one super premium Russian vodka. Made from malt alcohol and the highest quality, silver purified water in Siberia’s spring and remote Mariinsky Distillery, Beluga’s exquisite collection of vodkas offers connoisseurs and the casual drinker alike original blends with a smooth and distinguished taste. There are currently two distinct Beluga vodkas available in the US: the classic Beluga Noble (A triple distilled vodka with a precise blend of honey, oat and milk thistle extract) and the coveted Beluga Gold (which undergoes a 90-day maturation process and comes complete with a hammer and brush.” On the bottle it stated, “Best consumed with Caviar.”

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

Upon opening the bottle, there’s a medicine like aroma coming out from the gorgeous bottle. As for the taste, the first couple sips tasted just like any other vodka because there wasn’t any noticeable difference in it. If you really want to know the subtle difference in the beginning, it would be the smoothness. After few more sips, you could sense a light sweet taste and it didn’t have the strong burning feeling after you swallow it down. The spirit itself was very easy and pleasant to drink. There’s no over powering aftertaste. As for the best consumed with caviar suggestion, I couldn’t find any caviar around my neighborhood at the time of tasting and I couldn’t come up with any other food, So I tried with Mooncake and it turned out to be a good combination because the sweetness from the Mooncake and the Vodka. It made you feel like you were drinking sweet vodka.

Pouring Beluga Vodka

Beluga Vodka with MooncakeSince I’m not a mixologist and not sure what would be a good fit for this type of Vodka. So I came up with two trial and error recipes for this Beluga Noble Russian Vodka. One of them is called Bloody Mint Beluga and the ingredients include: Almond Water Mint flavor (Heart shape Ice), Cranberry Juice, Fresh lemon juice and Beluga Vodka. The other one is called Mango Lemonade and the ingredients are: Mango powder, Warm Water, Lemonade, Ice and Beluga Vodka.

Bloody Mint Beluga

Mango Lemonade Beluga Cocktail

Caution/Warnings: Not for children under the age of 21. Not Recommended If you are taking prescription or medication, pregnant or have an existing medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.


Price:  Sample/ Store: $29.99

Size:  750 ml

Flavor: Vodka

40% ALC./VOL. (80 Proof)

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