Bai Antiwater – Super Purified Water Infused With Antioxidants


Antiwater ? For real? Seriously? Well, I was curious enough to get one from Target to find out what’s all the anti is about. According to Bai’s website, “Anti is for Antioxidants. That second part is for good ol’ H20. Classic water is now obsolete. This is the next generation of hydration — we like to call it H2.0. This re-release of water is Mother Nature’s latest upgrade. She preserved its pure taste, enhanced it with electrolytes, and optimized it with antioxidants to protect healthy cells from free radical damage. Bai Antiwater was designed for your taste buds and developed for nature’s most powerful operating system — the human body.”

Bai AntiwaterThere wasn’t any smell coming out from the bottle at first but if you put your nose close enough for couple seconds, you could tell there’s a lightly scent existed but it’s difficult to tell what it was. It’s sort of fruity but at the same time it’s like rotten tomato. Maybe I need a nose job done to enhance the scent detection. As for the taste, it didn’t taste like your ordinary water or Tap water. There’s something in there that doesn’t taste quite right comparing to your everyday water. Could it be the organic coffeefruit extract?

Bai Antiwater FactsThe ingredients for this Bai Antiwater includes: Nana-Filtered Water, Bai® Proprietary Antioxidant Blend (organic coffeefruit extract, sodiu ascorbate, ascorbic acid), potassium citrate (electrotyes). Antioxidants: 100 mg Vitamin C. Also contains 50mg polyphenols & chlorogenic acid from organic coffeefruit extract. Caffeine free.


Price:  $2.40

Size: 28.4 Fl OZ ( 840 ml)

Calories: 0

Where to buy: Target

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