Bai Antioxidant Infusions Juice Energy Drink


Bai means pure! It seems the word Bai is from Chinese Pinyin which translate it to the word mean white and as you know it, generally white seems to symbolize pureness. In this case, the Bai antioxidant infusions mean pure energy, pure taste and pure goodness. Bai is infused with coffee’s superfruit and according to Bai, one gram of pure coffee superfruit extract has antioxidant power of 3,000 ORAC units. The coffee fruit used in Bai is grown in Indonesia and Bai is considering a juice drink and an energy drink.

Tanzani Strawberry

Upon busting the cap, there’s a heavy sweet sour mixture kind of aroma coming out from the bottle with a subtle tea scent and it reminds the smell of passion fruit drinks that I used to drink during the summer. The color of this flavor is close to Snapple iced tea. As for the texture, it’s smooth, cloudy and fill with small pieces from tea extracts at the bottom of the bottle. The first couple sips tasted similar to iced tea, but it’s more smooth and fruity refreshing. The taste wasn’t heavy in the beginning, but after couple more sips down the throat, your mouth starts to fill with heavy flavors. You couldn’t taste the strawberry flavor, but the pomegranate flavor was there. After chuck down half of the bottle, it makes you think that you were drinking lemon iced tea the whole time and there’s no coffee fruit taste. Even thought this Bai was sweetened by natural cane sugar, but some how the sweet taste lasted quite a bit long. The aftertaste for this Bai Tanzania Strawberry was similar to regular iced tea.  See YouTube

Mango Kauai

There’s a peach mango aroma coming out from the bottle when you open it for the first time and it smells really fresh. The color of the drink is sort of light brown orange and the texture is similar to the Tanzania Strawberry flavor. The first couple sips tasted close to the peach mixing with mango kind of flavor, but according to the ingredients, it used pineapple with mango juice. Also, the sweetness tasted way better than the Tanzania Strawberry flavor because it’s sweet all the way when your mouth processed the drink. The sweet taste didn’t add up even though it tasted all sweet and it was obvious that the effect of using natural cane juice as sweetener. Some how, this flavor gives me a feeling of drinking Snapple Mango Peach flavored drink because of the taste. See Youtube

Kenya Peach

For this flavor, it does have a strong peach aroma coming out from the bottle as you open the cap. The liquid color is lighter than the previous two flavors and the texture is bit clearer as well. Also, it has less small pieces of tea leaves comparing to the previous two flavors. Before I started tasting it, I was expecting the flavor to be all peach based on the past experience, but it turns out to be quite shocking. My first reaction was “Oh, what the hell did they put in there, hm… must be rotten peach.” As I read from the ingredient list, they put vegetable juice mixing with peach. The combination was very well balanced because neither flavor dominates the other in the beginning. However, as you drink more, the peach flavor starts to add up and the vegetable taste kind of fades away. As your mouth processes the sip, first you get the peach flavor taste, then the vegetable flavor show up and last you get the subtle sweet taste after you swallow down the liquid. See Youtube

The Bai antioxidant infusions drinks are lightly sweetened with organic cane juice and each bottle contains 70 calorie. Since Bai drinks are powered by coffee superfruit and mixed with white tea, each bottle contains 400mg of coffee fruit extract and 60mg of white tea extract. The ingredients for each flavor are the same with the exception of flavor juice has to match with the flavor. Other than the flavor juice, they all used Water, Evaporated Cane Juice, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Turmeric.  Also, it contains 70mg of natural caffeine for each bottle. By the way, the Kenya Peach contains 12% juice.

I love the Bai’s logo design and the color combination used to create it even though I’m not a designer. Out of the three flavors, I like the peach flavor most because it’s something new and interesting. Even though the Bai contains caffeine, but I did not feel anything effect. Give it a try, if you can find it. Looking forward to try their new 5 calorie flavors.


Price:  $1.99 Each

Size:  16.9 Fl OZ / 500ml — each bottle

Flavor: Tanzania Strawberry, Mango Kauai, Kenya Peach

Calories:  70 Each

Where to buy:   Bai

Website:  Facebook Drink Bai Twitter


  • Simon

    I love this stuff!!


  • Macie

    They all taste great, and they are very thirst quenching!!!
    But don’t drink too many, I was working hard in the heat and because they taste so good I slammed 6 in 2 hours. My heart was beating out of my chest and my vision got blurry!!! I should have read the bottle first, I don’t drink coffee so I don’t think I will falling asleep any time soon 😉


  • Kim

    I drink the Ipanema Pomegranate. I love the taste but It makes my tongue feel like I have cotton mouth. It makes me thirstier.


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