Bai-5 Low Calorie Antioxidant Infusion Panama Peach Juice Energy Drink


After trying few Bai drinks that give you pure energy, pure taste and pure goodness, I thought I should give their low calorie a try too. So I bought a bottle of Panama Peach since peach is one of my favorite fruit. Bai is infused with coffee’s superfruit and according to Bai, one gram of pure coffee superfruit extract has antioxidant power of 3,000 ORAC units. The coffee fruit used in Bai is grown in Indonesia and Bai is considering a juice drink and an energy drink. Since this is a low calorie drink, it might not be consider as a diet beverage, a diet drink or one of the healthy drinks.

Bai 5 Low Calorie drink

Upon busting the cap, there’s a heavy sweet peach aroma coming out from the bottle with a subtle vegetable scent and it’s stronger than the Kenya Peach flavor. The liquid color is also close to the Kenya Peach and the texture as well. The only difference in terms of texture is that Panama Peach does not have small pieces of tea leaves in the beverage. Since I already have tried the Kenya Peach, I know the taste of this flavor is going to be similar, but I was wrong. Panama Peach tasted actually more refreshing, smooth and easy to drink. The peach flavor was a little bit stronger than Kenya Peach. If you compare to other popular peach beverages that I have tried in the past, this Bai definitely has its own unique taste.  Since Bai means pure taste, pure energy and pure goodness, I did not taste the pure peach flavor even though they did add peach juice. I guess the vegetable juice has something to do with it. There’s no aftertaste for this juice energy drink.

Bai 5 energy drink

The previous Bai antioxidant infusions drinks were lightly sweetened with organic cane juice and each bottle contains 70 calori, but this one is naturally sweetened with Organic Stevia. Since this is a low calorie, it only contains 5 calories and again it is powered by coffee superfruit and mixed with white tea. Should it be consider a diet beverage since it only has 5 claories?By the way, Bai Panama Peach contains 400mg of coffee fruit extract and 60mg of white tea extract. The beverage nutrition is very similar to other non low calorie Bai drinks in terms of ingredients and functions. The Kenya Peach contains 12% juice, but Panama Peach contains 4% juice only.

Bai 5 Supplemnt Facts

So far I have tried couple flavors from Bai drinks: Kenya Peach, Mango Kauai, Panama Peach and Tanzania Strawberry. Out of those flavors, I like the Panama Peach because of the taste, not the low calorie. It is close to pure peach flavor and it should be consider a unique beverage in this on going beverage world.


Price:  $1.99

Size:  16.9 FL OZ /500 ML

Flavor:  Peach

Aroma:  Peach

Calories:  5

Where to buy:   Drink Bai

Website: Drink Bai Facebook Twitter


  • Arthur gehret

    This bai is bai far thee best fruit drink I’ve incountered! Not to mention my friends and I use the word “bai” as an amplifier word for our outrageous antics on the snow.. We ride in Pennsylvania where snowboarder parks dominate east coast mountains. For instance, we don’t rent we bai!! We are dunn bai; top of the class, experienced, extatic for life, and bai be my new favorite feul, besides Red Stripe. So keep doing what your doing and we will keep the bai in extreme living!

    Arthur Gehret II


  • cherie hughes

    The Bai5 is awesome what stores carry it thanks cherie



    Whole Foods Market



    Bai seems to be in lots of places now including Costco and Quik Chek and Stew Leonards and Kings, to name a few! I love the pear Bai but it is hared to find.


  • sandra

    i live in brooklyn new york. just tried the panama peach for the first time and loved it. i just want to know where i can buy it by the case.thank you



    You can try it at Whole Foods Mart.



    Sams 19.99 for a case of 16


  • Bernadette

    Is there a decaffeinated version of Bai5????



    Good question,I’m not sure but you can get detail information for the drink by contacting them.


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