Bacardi Mix Master Cocktail App for iPhone and iPod Touch


It’s a beautifully designed app with an easy navigation interface.  However, it requires internet because it needs to load the database of all the cocktail recipes and social media sharing features. This app comes very handy when you are in need of a cocktail recipe because they are at your finger tip and it saves you a lot of time going through books or internet to find good cocktail recipes for special events. Also, it will improve and expand your skill at mixing drinks with the help of all the recipes that are available for you.
Bacardi Mix Master Cocktails

The whole interface of the app navigates through five main functional features. When you load the app, the first thing you will see is the Top 25 Cocktails drinks list. I’m not sure how they come up with the list. But, it could be randomly generated or based on the popularities of the mix. The next feature category is the Browse all cocktails. Basically, it gives you the whole database of all the cocktail recipes that are mixed with Bacardi.  Within the feature, you can search the database by cocktail Style, Glass type, Ingredient and product Type.  If you do not want to search, you can use the Filter feature that’s implemented within the app. It gives you the same result as using a search, but rather more organized in display. The next feature is called the Your Shopping List.  The purpose is to provide a check list of all the ingredients that are needed to make the cocktail for the recipe that was added to the shopping list. So when you go shopping, you can check off the ingredients one by one. The next feature is Your favorite Cocktails.  It’s a list of cocktail recipes that you would like to make or interested in sharing with others. The last feature is the Featured Cocktail and it generates different cocktail recipes every time you use the app. Every single recipe can be shared through E-mail, Twitter and Facebook. This app requires users to meet the legal drinking age first before you can download it. Another cool feature is that you can shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to generate random cocktail recipes if you do not like to browse through all the recipes.

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Bacardi Mix Master Cocktails

Bacardi Mix Master Cocktails


Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch with O.S 3.0 or later

Cost: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

Download: You must be legal drinking age to download it.

Size:  2.2 MB

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