Ayala’s Zero Calorie Lemongrass Mint Vanilla Flavored Herbal Water


I have tried different herbal drinks before, but not herbal water. So, I bought one bottle of Ayala’s Zero Calorie Lemongrass Mint Vanilla flavored herbal Water from Whole Foods Market. The Ayala’s herbal water is organically certified and it is full of flavors, but there are no calories, artificial sweeteners, and zero chemical preservatives in the beverage. According to Ayala, the water used for their beverage is coming from an Artesian Well in Virginia and I assume they have already sacredly guarded their Well by their personnel by now.

Upon busting the cap, there’s a very pleasurable lemongrass scent with not so convincing mint aroma coming out from the bottle and the scent is very refreshing compares to other flavored water beverages. Before I drink the water, I was expecting the herbal water comes with some sort of taste, but after first couple sips, it just tastes like water. However, as you drink more, you start to sense the mint flavor in the water, but still hard to recognize it. As for the vanilla flavor, it dominated by other two flavors and their scent. It is really hard to tell if there’s vanilla extract in the water. After chuck down half of this herbal water, your mouth is full of mint flavor and your nose is stuck with lemongrass scent. The combination of these three ingredients did created a unique taste because usually the scent and the taste are the same, but for this herbal water is different. As for the aftertaste, there’s a bit of feeling dryness in your mouth.

What health benefits can you get from drinking this Herbal Water? Well, it is a certified organic delightful refreshment that has no calories, no sugar, no preservative and no artificial ingredients. The ingredients are: purified water, organic extracts of vanilla beans, lemongrass leaves and spearmint leaves. The lemongrass provides a pleasure to your senses and the vanilla bean gives a rich sensual flavor.

Usually when I think of herbal related products I think of bitter taste that comes with it based on my past experiences, but after trying this herbal water, it kind of switched my perception a little. I like this drink not because it’s organic, but the unique taste of the combination of three ingredients has created. If you are allergic to any of those ingredients, then you shouldn’t try it, otherwise, give it try. I’m thinking adding vanilla ice cream to the herbal water next time since the vanilla flavor is so hard to sense it.

Ayalas Herbal Water lemongrass mint vanilla, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)


Price:  $2.00

Size:  16 Fl OZ / 473ml

Flavor:  Lemongrass Mint Vanilla

Aroma:  Lemongrass

Calories:  0

Where to buy:   Store

Website:  Herbal Water Twitter Facebook

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