AriZona Sports Natural Flavor Thirst Quencher


AriZona Sports Drink, really? I guess Arizona wants to play 21 point game with Gatorade and Powerade. This new line sports drink from AriZona is 100% all natural and it is to support optimal hydration and increase performance for all athletes. Also, it does not contain preservatives, artificial color and artificial flavor. Right now, the sports drink is available in three flavors: Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime and Orange. As for me, I could only find the Lemon Lime and Orange flavors.

AriZona Sports Thirst QuencherThe bottle design for AriZona Sports looks very interesting because the top half of the bottle is in a ball kind of shape and the bottom half seems to be supporting the top half in a trophy kind of look. The bottle cap for all the flavors are in purple color and the label design is quite colorful and strong based on its color used. The word AriZona seems to be splitting the sun in the logo apart and it’s definitely more attractive than the Gatorade and Powerade.

AriZona Sports Lemon Lime Thirst Quencher

The aroma coming out from the bottle when you open it for the first time smelled similar to those Gatorade G series thirst quencher. As for the color and texture, they were all the same as other well known sports drinks. The first couple warm up sip actually tasted non-sweet and no lemon lime flavor. I was expecting it to be similar to other sports drinks. This Arizona Sport Lemon Lime seems to be a lot less sour that the Gatorade Lemon lime drinks. As you drink more, you could sense the sweet taste and when your mouth processes your sip, it kind hit you with a subtle sour taste on your tongue after you swallow down the sip. It tasted great and pleasant to drink as well. There’s no aftertaste for AriZona Sports.

AriZona Sports Drink Thirst Quencher Lemon-LimeAriZona Orange Thirst Quencher

For the orange flavor, you could smell the orange aroma when you open the bottle, but it’s not as strong as the Lemon Lime. The color is in light orange and the texture is same as the Lemon Lime. You could taste the orange flavor in the first couple sips and it wasn’t overly sweetened either. This flavor also gives you the tart taste at the end after you swallows down the sip. It’s very smooth to drink and even though you kept on drinking, the flavor didn’t add up. The sweetness was very well balanced with the tart taste and the orange flavor was also well touched.

AriZona Sports Drink Thirst Quencher Orange

Both flavors contain 50 calories and 13g of sugar. The ingredient for both Lemon Lime and orange flavor includes: Filtered water, Sugar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Vegetable juice for color, Salt, Sodium citrate, Potassium chloride, Ascorbic Acid, Gum Acacia, and Ester Gum. As for whether did it help or not as a thirst quencher, to me it’s same.

AriZona Sports Nutritional Facts

Overall, both flavors aren’t that bad. Personally, I like the orange flavor because it just a bit pleasant to drink than the Lemon lime.


Price:  $1.39 each

Size:  34 FL OZ / 1.01L

Aroma: Lemon Lime, Orange

Flavor:  Lemon Lime, Orange

Calorie: 50

Where to buy:  Local Supermarket

Website: Drink-AriZona Facebook Twitter Youtube


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