AriZona CocoZona Pure Coconut Water


Why is everyone making coconut water beverages? Last month, AriZona Beverages introduced their coconut water product line called CocoZona to their fans and I happened to find it in a local supermarket. According to AriZona, “it’s a drink that’s made from 100% pure coconut water. The coconuts are young green coconuts from Indonesia. CocoZona is created with one simple ingredient, no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, zero fat and zero cholesterol.”

CocoZona Original Pure Coconut Water

I love the packaging design on this CocoZona drink because it’s stylish and attractive. The design was probably the primary reason why I picked up this drink in the first place from a local supermarket. If you open the CocoZona aluminum cap for the first time, there’s a familiar coconut water aroma coming out from the bottle. By familiar I mean it smelled just like other natural coconut water brands that are on the market today. The color was also similar to your regular pure coconut water drinks and the texture was slightly cloudier. As far as the taste goes, it tasted normal for the first couple sips and there’s no way to any distinguishable hints from others. As you sip more and more, you could tell it’s a little bit less sweet than Real Coconut water and the subtle coconut scent was slightly less recognizable as well. After finishing half bottle, the coconut water was still pleasant to drink.

CocoZona Original Pure Coconut Water

There’s only one ingredient for this CocoZona 100% pure coconut water and its coconut water from concentrate. It contains 70 calorie, 220mg sodium and 740mg potassium. I think the amount of sodium is way too much. Also, it has 50mg magnesium, 43mg calcium and 37mg phosphorus.

CocoZona Original Pure Coconut Water

Overall, CocoZona pure coconut water tasted not bad and definitely can compete with other well-known coconut water brands.

CocoZona Original Pure Coconut Water


Price:  $1.99

Size:  14.5 FL Oz / 429ml

Aroma: Coconut Water

Flavor:  Coconut Water

Calorie:  70

Where to buy: Local supermarket

Website: Facebook AriZona Twitter



  • Nick

    Just took a sip….almost gagged. Original flavor tastes nothing like coconut water (I have trees in my yard). Also the odor is identical to nutrient broth for bacterial culture……you know when you open the incubator to take out your samples to see if they have grown?… Just like that (I have a degree in Cell Biology). I cannot believe people are drinking this. I bought it at Publix in Cooper City, FL. If I’m alive tomorrow, I will post again.



    For myself I love this product. I was drinking a 12 pack of cans of Mt. Dew, (with 170 calories) on a 12 hour shift at night for many many years.Mt. Dew was all I was drinking. I found this item in Bi-Lo and bought it , after trying the other coconut waters. Now that I have been drinking Arizona CocoZona 100% coconut water,( 70 calories) I drink nothing else.It does have to be ice cold. Not good warm. And it does say SERVE COLD on the can. I have Bi-Lo order this for me every week, since they got it in the store. I get 4 cases of 12 once a week from Bi-Lo. Keep it coming ARIZONA !


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