AriZona And Twinlab Introduce Rescue Water Energy Lemon Lime


Couple days ago, one of the America’s favorite beverage company called AriZona, introduced a new line of enhanced water called Rescue Water to all the beverage lovers. By joining with Twinlab, AriZona was able to provide advanced vitamin formula created by Twinlab for their Rescue Water beverage to all beverage drinkers. The formula can help to active fluid replacement and balance nutrient absorption in your body. There are couple flavors available for the Rescue water and each flavor has it own benefits. As for the Lemon Lime flavor, it’s designed to boost your energy, and help you to keep focused every day.

Upon busting the bottle cap, you can smell a mix of lemon lime aroma coming out of the bottle and you really need to sniff it within the close range of your drink if you want to actually smell the flavor because the aroma fades away very fast. For the first few sips, you can’t really taste anything because the flavor is not strong enough to tell. After awhile, you can taste the sourness and sweetness of the drink, but the flavor does not last long. Once, you drink it, the taste almost is gone after few seconds. There isn’t an aftertaste that you’d normally find in a drink. If you shake the drink well, you will see a lot of bubbles in the bottle, just like the ones in the cup when you pour your beer out. How come there aren’t that many bubbles when you shake Vitamin Water? By the way, this is definitely an easy and pleasant beverage to drink. When comes to the color of the drink, it will make you think “Hey, didn’t I just piss that this morning?”

In terms of health benefits, it is not recommended for children, pregnant woman and those who are sensitive to caffeine. It has no preservatives, artificial flavor and artificial color. Also, it contains multivitamins, green tea and with antioxidant power. Once again, it is design to enhance your endurance, boost your energy and help you focus daily. There energy formula is B6 plus Guarana. This is not a zero calorie drink and it contains 25 calorie. I’m not sure if this drink will really help you focus daily, but I think it’s more of what you believe.

Overall, this drink is not too bad. I will try out other flavors when I find them. The drink is pretty unique when compares to other vitamin contained beverages in terms of what they offered in the drink, but I’m not sure about this Lemon Lime taste because they are all pretty much similar. It did not make me want to grab another bottle. Beyond the name appeal, the design of the bottle is very attractive and appealing. It gives you the feeling of being young and full of energy.

Price: $1.19
Size: 20.5 FL OZ 606mL
Flavor: Lemon Lime
Smell: Lemon Lime
Nutrition: Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, B12, Green Tea and Guarana
Where: New York Area
Website: Twitter Facebook Twinlab


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