AriZona and Twinlab Introduce Relax Berry Blend Rescue Water


I did a review on AriZona’s Rescue Water Lemon Lime flavor couple days ago and now I found this new flavor called Relax Berry Blend in a local supermarket. According to their label, this berry blend flavor is designed to reduce your daily stress and keep you calm when you are anxious. The formula can help to active fluid replacement and balance nutrient absorption in your body. However, their statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Also, this Rescue Water is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. So, do you still want to try it if you can find it?

Upon busting the bottle cap, you can smell a refreshing of sweet berry blend aroma coming out of the bottle. Now, I do not know what kinds of berries were blended together for this drink, but it smells like blueberry with pomegranate. There might be some other berries blended with those two, but the aroma is not strong enough to tell the difference. For the first few sips, you would though the flavor would tastes like the pomegranate with some berry, but it’s not the case. After awhile, all you can taste is the sourness in the beverage and sweetness of the drink gets dominated by the citric acid from the ingredient. As the same with Energy Lemon-Lime flavor, the tastes of this drink only last few seconds. There isn’t an aftertaste that you’d normally find in a drink for this beverage. If you shake the drink well as the bottle suggests, you will see many bubbles and the taste is still the same. This is definitely an easy and pleasant beverage to drink.

In terms of health benefits, there three elements need to mention. The first one is the Green Tea Extract. There are many good benefits that you can get from Green Tea Extract and one of them is the antioxidant ingredients. Now days, majority of the beverage claims to have antioxidant ingredients in their drinks. The second one is the L-Theanine and many so called experts claim that it can treat anxiety and other conditions, but there’s not enough evidence to back that up. The third element is Lemon Balm Extract and study has found that it can reduce stress. So, with these entire elements combine, I guess that is why this drink is called relaxed. Also, it has no preservatives, artificial flavor, artificial color and it contains multivitamins. This is not a zero calorie drink and it contains 25 calorie.

I like this dink and I will try out other flavors when I find them.


Price: $1.19

Size:  20.5 FL OZ   606mL

Flavor:  Berry Blend

Smell:  Sweet Berry blend

Nutrition:  Vitamin C, B3, B5, B6, B12, Green Tea Extract, Lemon Balm Extract and L-Theanine

Where: New York Area

Website:, Twitter, Facebook, Twinlab


  • HSL

    This is stupid. Flavored WATER is called SODA.



    It’s more like vitamin water.


  • TomPier

    great post as usual!


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