Archer Farms Simply Balanced Pomegranate Yumberry Juice Drink


According to Target, “the Archer Farms Simply Balanced is a new food collection built around better-for-you nutrition that’s budget friendly. The products meet a set of criteria that includes guidelines for calories, fat, saturated fat, and sugar. Each product is free of artificial flavorings, synthetic colors and has zero grams trans fats. The new line of products is also affordable and it’s an extension of the premium Archer Farms food collection, takes the guesswork out of eating right.”

Archer Farms simply Balanced

When you open it for the first time, there’s a mix berry kind of aroma coming out from the bottle and it was sort of fresh, but not totally fresh juice scent. The color of this juice drink is similar to the Snapple iced teas that you see every day in grocery stores or supermarkets. However, the texture is a lot cleaner and smoother than iced teas. The first couple sips did taste similar to pomegranate flavor and there was no sign of Yumberry taste what so ever. The sweetness of the drink wasn’t overly dominated and it was very well balanced with the berry flavors which other juice drinks failed to do.  As you drink more, the pomegranate becomes more recognizable and the juice drink itself actually becomes quite pleasant to drink. Also, there’s a subtle taste of mixed berry flavors that you could tell after finishing half bottle of the juice drink and the aftertaste wasn’t as bad as other similar juice drinks.

rcher Farms Simply BalancedThe ingredients for this naturally flavored Archer Farms Simply Balanced Pomegranate Yumberry are similar to other berry juices drinks. It contains water, pear juice concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate, yumberry juice concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate, instant green tea powder, natural flavor, citric acid and rebaudioside A (natural sweetener).The nutritional facts about this 16.9 fl OZ size drink: 70 calories, 16g of sugars, 10mg Sodium, 16g Carbs and 0g protein. Also, it has 24% juice and 30mg caffeine. There are no artificial flavors or synthetic colors.

Archer Farms Simply Balanced

I did finish the whole drink and I have to say that it’s not bad at all even though they added green tea powder to the drink. I think the taste would be better if they actually brewed with real green tea.


Price:  $1.49

Size:  16.9 FL OZ /500ml

Flavor:  Diet Berry Tea

Aroma:  Mixed Berry

Calories:  70

Where to buy:   Target

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